Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Breakfast or Pizza?

Chris has been gone just over a week, and so far the dinners I have made consisted of: pizza (5 nights), breakfast (2 nights), quesadillas (one night), PB&J (just for myself and Bethany; the older girls weren't with me that night because they went to a movie with Oma and ironically had their own breakfast dinner at Perkins), and one night I ate out for a work training.

Tonight I am having dinner at the Carpenter's house after work and Sherri asked if I had any cravings for dinner. I just requested no pizza. Or pancakes.

I am not incapable of cooking; frankly, it is just somewhat draining when I'm keeping busy with the girls and doing other things. And normally I do really enjoy it, but Bethany has entered the "clingy kitchen" phase where she will be content all on her own but if I step foot in the kitchen she suddenly requires being held. All of the girls went through this's a familiar one to me. But I do think I'm going to have to get more creative or I'm going to reach a point where I don't want pizza ever again (doubt it).

Chris and I celebrated our anniversary apart (but I am going out there in 10 days! Ah!). I was looking for ideas for our 9th anniversary gift for him, and the options were leather or ceramic for the traditional gifts. I started down the path of looking at Missional Wear but then it reminded me of an incense burner he was interested in. Erzgebirge made a special edition Martin Luther incense burner (pictured below) in celebration of the 500 years since the reformation. I desperately looked for it from the US to avoid paying shipping but no such luck. I ordered it from Germany on a Thursday and it arrived on Monday (pretty impressive). But it was already after Chris left; so he can have it when he comes home. I did unbox it to verify that nothing broke and when I opened the box I saw that they had packed in some real German gummy bears!

Last week we had a day trip out to the Mall of America to go to Tim Horton's with a friend from church. My first time having Tim Horton's. Bethany really loved the Timbits. And that night when I got home, I was cooking dinner (likely pizza, possibly breakfast) and Heidi was in the kitchen with me. At one point I heard her say, "Look, Mom, I'm making it beautiful!"  What does that mean? I looked over and she had brought in a piece of chalk and had colored all over the inside of the cupboard doors with blue. I told her they were beautiful and took the piece of chalk away. She was obviously confused by my inconsistent response, "Mom, why are you taking that? I was making them pretty!" Yes you were sweet girl; chalk stays on the ground outside or on the chalkboard wall. Actually looking back at the pictures it may have improved the cupboards.

I think most of the nights last week required that I be out of the house; it was an exhausting week but good. Wednesday (our anniversary) we had a church meeting. Thursday something happened but it is escaping me. Friday was a 12 hour prayer emphasis (love these).

Erica came by over the weekend and that was a blast. We stayed up late talking (had intended to watch a chick flick but talking is probably even more fun) and then on Saturday she spent time braiding the girls' hair. They absolutely love Erica and it was fun to have her by. We are planning to head out to her house on Saturday and stay overnight there. I am looking forward to it!

To really make the week interesting, Heidi was stung by a bee. It is the first time any of the girls have been stung. She was quite unhappy. It happened at Sherri's house (poor Sherri!!) and I was late getting the girls because I had done grocery pick-up and then dropped off the fridge and frozen groceries at home because I needed to get gas too. On the way there I got a call from Sherri that she had been stung and I could just hear her crying in the background. It swelled up to a red spot the size (not shape, thankfully) of a ping pong ball. After some children's allergy medicine and some Tylenol she seemed to be just fine, and the next morning all was well, but it was quite the traumatic incident.

And Copper the Wonderdog. Sigh. That night (the bee sting night) I came home to a lovely pile of dog barf. And then it happened again overnight so that in the morning I woke up to it again. He seemed fine last night again so who knows what he got into. Per the internets, he might have just been "regurgitating" and not vomiting; I guess dogs often do that if they eat too fast, and he tends to not eat when we aren't home so he'll gorge on his dinner once we are at home. Who knows. Anybody want a dog?

The girls miss Daddy. I think it is hardest at night time, which makes sense because that tends to be when they get their most concentrated Daddy time. "Tell Daddy to come in and say goodnight" is pretty much the phrase I hear every night when I'm done tucking in. I am praying for Chris constantly, that God would use him and his time would be well-spent serving. I have no doubt that they will be glad to have had him there.

Martin Luther incense burner
Playing peek-a-boo
Heidi's chalk art inside of my cabinet doors
Picnic outside of church before the meeting
This picture just makes me laugh because I pushed the button right as Heidi was running by
Get those spiders, Sophia!

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