Monday, July 31, 2017

New Mexico's Good Blessing

We said "Goodbye" to Chris/Daddy for the next 5 weeks. He is headed to Kirtland AFB in New Mexico for the second part of his chaplain candidate training for the Air Force. Left Sunday, July 30th and will be back on Sunday, September 3rd (not that I'm counting down the days or anything...)

Chris had a big milestone completed right before he left. On Thursday, July 27th he submitted his final assignment (Greek III class) for his M.Div. degree. He is officially an M.Div. now! I am so proud of him for finishing and for pursuing the desires that God has given to him to serve as a chaplain. He is truly a blessing to me and to our family, and I am honored to be his wife.

Friday night was "date night" for the girls. They picked a movie with Daddy (The Lego Movie) and we all ate popcorn and watched the movie together. Heidi served as our photographer. Now that she has figured out how to open my camera from the lock screen it is one of her favorite things to do. She told us how to pose ("Mommy you get close to Daddy and lay like this", "Sophie you get next to Mommy", "Say CHEESE!") and she got some semi-decent shots, for it being a dark room. She even handed me her Pooh Bear for poses. After the movie was over I went to bed and they slept on the couch together with Chris. Sophia is one of those "immediately falls asleep" kind of people so she was asleep right away; Heidi was up until about midnight watching "Do-do-do-do-do-Dora" (she never says, "Dora" by itself; she always includes the "dos").

On Saturday morning my mother-in-law watched the girls so we could go on a breakfast date. We went to our favorite breakfast spot, Jensen's, followed by a romantic time at the DVS (Department of Vehicle Services) to get a title changed for my car (Yay!). It was about 45 minutes in line; apparently they have had significant computer issues and there was one DVS in the entire state doing Titles that morning...and it was the one near us. It was quite the line. After that we did some shopping at the Outlet mall, and fixed the tire on Sophia's bike. All-in-all a very productive and fun morning. Fun in the sense that I recognize I could have been at the DVS with three small children instead of Chris; that made it much more bearable.

We had a quiet evening at home; Chris smoked some good dinner and packed and we got the kids to bed before playing a round of Tokaido (I crushed him - a rarity; with my highest score ever of 98).

The next morning, Sunday, was full of tears for me. We got him all loaded up in the car and drove him to the airport before heading for church. I have such a wonderful and supportive church family; it seems like everyone has offered their help and prayers. But, of course, every time someone asked how I was doing I just about started crying all over again. As Erica said, each day is one day closer to him coming home!

My prayer is that he serves God and his country well. I have no doubt that he will; I am eager to hear about the experiences as a base chaplain. And eager to go out there and celebrate our late anniversary! I know that while we are sad for his absence, Kirtland will benefit from him being there, and he will benefit as well.

Gifted photographer ;)
The pictures from here and above are Heidi's "artistry"
Our romantic DVS date
Another Heidi selfie
Copper photo bomb

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