Monday, June 26, 2017

Soccer, Underwear, Pizza, and Frogs

Kind of a typical week in the Pitts' household.

The girls had a swim date at my friend from work's house. She watches her granddaughters on Tuesday, her day off, and has a pool so we joined them and enjoyed some time swimming in a beautifully heated pool. Heidi, who was gung-ho and jumping in when we were in Arizona, suddenly developed a fear of the pool and was much more cautious. Which is fine; there were lots of little girls there and a little hesitation when one hasn't had formal swimming lessons is not a bad thing.

On Wednesday there was a Minnesota United game. Sophia and Chris went together and had a blast. Sophia got a scarf and has been wearing it pretty much every day since the game. While Sophia and Chris went to the game, Heidi and I went to Target for her to pick out her very own underwear. She has been doing well with her insta-potty training. She kind of just picked it up about a week ago and has had a few accidents but it seems to go pretty smoothly. When she has an accident I have to remind myself that it just isn't a habit for her yet to have that sensation and have to run in to the potty. She is working on it being a habit but when you've only been wearing underwear for a week and have almost 3 years of free flowing bodily functions, it'll take a little practice. She was surrounded by options: Moana, Frozen, Minnie Mouse, Tsum-Tsum Disney Character plush, pretty patterns, Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins, Elena of Avalor... and she picked Minnie Mouse.

We had a visit from Erica, her sister Tiffany, her Mom, and her nephews Sean and Zach on Thursday. The kids all had a blast running around and burning off some energy before continuing their trip up north. We made homemade pizzas, a hit with everyone. Sophia was especially having a good time with Sean; he kept threatening to kiss her so she would run around the house saying "no". Eventually she pointed to her cheek and gave him permission to give her a kiss on the cheek... to which we had to put a stop and discuss proper behavior! Already! At 5! (Though, I scarily reminded myself that in 14 years, she could be engaged to be married...because I was at 19).

On Friday, Chris was mowing the lawn and a toad almost decided to take his life by jumping in front of the mower. Chris picked him up to show the girls and without fear or hesitation they were grabbing him to hold him and were so excited about it. I was amazed at their lack of reservation. And also I was a fair distance back. Close enough to take pictures, far enough away to be outside of what I determined to be the "jumping zone." Eventually we let Mr. Toad go and poor Heidi was just a wreck. She had in her head that she was going to keep him forever. Sophia did a good job of distracting her and getting her on the swing set, but Heidi was just not happy to see her friend go.

Chris is working on his final seminary class, Greek III. On Saturday morning when the girls woke up they asked where Daddy was (studying). Sophia went into the kitchen and made Chris a bowl of Greek yogurt with his favorite honey because she knew he was studying and brought it down to him. She did it all on her own accord, got into the fridge and got the ingredients, got the bowl, etc.  I went into the kitchen to see which yogurt she had used and noticed she had taken out  a tub of sour cream. I messaged Chris not to eat the "yogurt," but it was such a beautiful gesture from her.

Saturday was another home Minnesota United game and this time we took the whole family. Sophia and Heidi had a great time. Sophia by now was an expert at the cheers and loved singing along. Heidi was fascinated watching the fan section and loved the part where people would swing their scarves around (for corner kicks). The girls are much cooler and more fashionable than I. Sophia wore shorts with socks up to her knee, mismatch, and keen-like sandals. Heidi had on flower leggings with mismatched shoes (it was all intentional). A few times throughout the game Heidi even requested to hold Bethany, who was also very amused by the fan section and the people shouting and cheering around her. They were both singing, "Come on you Loons" (echo) "Minnesota Black and Blue" (echo) all the way back to the car. The girls all did very well. We made it through about 75 minutes of game time before we headed home; it was almost 9 p.m. and Bethany was just about done for the evening. We got pretzels at the game and they were gone in about the blink of an eye.

Sophia is making great progress through her math work. She is into the December math lessons of the Kindergarten Saxon Math and really enjoying the work. I am hoping she can be set and ready to start in Math 1 by the time the school year starts. We are working on letter recognition now. She can write out her address and her name; she is making steady progress and seems to really enjoy learning. Teaching so far goes well. My biggest learning curve is figuring out boundaries. The attention span is maybe 15-20 minutes for a math lesson. Any longer than that and it ceases to have as much fun to it. I can always tell when I push it too hard; I'm hoping I can get better at figuring out these lines. But, at least for kindergarten, this seems to be a good fit for us. I am eager to learn more about homeschooling at the Classical Conversations conference in a couple of weeks.

Chris' "yogurt" for breakfast

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

10 Months!

My little redhead (my ginger baby!) is zooming towards the 1 year mark as fast as she can, and she's trying to beat her sisters' milestones along the way.

The first time I saw multiple steps from Bethany was on Thrusday, June 8th. She took 4 big steps! And her steps have only increased since then. She has walked across the room a couple of times and seems to be really doing well at this walking business. I give it a couple more weeks before she kisses crawling goodbye completely.

Bethany flew on her first airplane this month when we went to Arizona to go to Andrew and Anna's wedding. She handled the flight really well, traveled really well, and enjoyed all the family she saw down there. Anna's mom, Elsa, was walking with her, holding her hands, a few times over the past month.

She has had a bunch of new foods this month. So far she seems to really like blueberries and beans (black beans). She also likes seasoned ground beef/turkey, and corn. When she encounters a large piece of food, for example, a chunk of bread or a pizza slice, she will pull the food off with her fingers to make the bite smaller before she eats it. It's pretty cute to watch. She also really likes yogurt, and macaroni and cheese. This month she actually fell asleep in her high chair eating. It can be really hard to choose between eating and sleeping. Other new foods include an ice cream cone, peanut butter and banana roll-ups, veggie straws (she LOVES these), raspberries (not a huge fan), and iced coffee (just a tiny bit)!

She is still interested in breastfeeding; much more than Heidi was at this stage, but she is weaning herself bit by bit. But she has milk probably 2-3 times per day. Once in the morning, once over lunch,  and once at bedtime. Today was the first official day at work where I did not use my pump. I can say safely that I won't regret saying goodbye to the pump. One of her favorite things is to drink milk with a little bit of flavored yogurt mixed in; she'll drink a full 7-8 ounces that way.

Both in Arizona and yesterday at a friend's house she experienced a swimming pool. She was NOT a fan in Arizona because the water was too cold, but my friend's pool yesterday was quite heated so she really seemed to enjoy that.

It is such a blast to watch her personality emerge. She is certain enjoying life and testing limits. She knows "no" well and has heard it multiple times, especially when she tries to get into the dog dish. One of her favorite things to do is play with Copper's water bowl and sneak his food if he leaves it in there from the morning. She also absolutely loves crawling into the bathroom for lots of reasons so we really have to close the door. The other day Heidi told me she was stinky, so I changed her diaper and by the time I threw Heidi's diaper away Bethany had crawled into the bathroom, picked up a wash cloth from the side of the bathtub, had put it into the toilet and was washing the floor with it. Eww, eww, eww. She also adores playing with the hairbrushes.

Her smile is contagious and incredibly big. She likes to laugh at silly things, like bouncing, or pushing her sisters on the swing. She is just a sweet and silly girl, with just a little bit of spice to go with it. I blame the red hair, which, so far, is staying quite red and beautiful. I love the color.

Looking forward to seeing this big girl grow even more in grace and beauty and in the knowledge of God!