Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Sunday

Yesterday was Easter Sunday.

As a follower of Christ, Easter is easily the most important thing that we celebrate. Bar none. And it is really quite sad to me the way in which we celebrate it. We don't make as big of a deal out of it as it so obviously deserves to be. Easter should be bigger than Christmas.

And what is even more sad about Easter is how when we do make a big deal out of it, such as what you see in stores, it is all about bunnies hiding eggs (I mean, really, what?!) and flowers and egg hunts and pastel candy. It's really turned into a commercialized holiday celebrating the end of winter, rather than a Christian holiday celebrating an event that forever changed the course of human history. We are celebrating an event that occurred OVER 2000 YEARS AGO! When else do we do that? Half of American History is washed out and forgotten from text books, and America is not even 250 years old. Yet still, we celebrate Jesus of Nazareth, and the ultimate sacrifice that God offered as a payment for our sins.

Not to be a "Debbie Downer", mind you. I do love Easter and love celebrating it. The girls have tutu Easter baskets that we made up last year and I did hide eggs around our house for them to find when they woke up.  However, what Chris and I work to emphasize is the reason for Easter. We spent the week this year, starting on palm Sunday, reading the story of Easter or some aspect of it nightly. Not only did Christ die for what we have done wrong, but He also conquered death. Death, where is your victory? When Death was conquered, our hope came to life. We live, we can continue to live, because of what Christ has done. It's truly an incredible event.

Something I really appreciate about celebrating Easter growing up is that my parents always emphasized the "lamb" instead of the "bunny".  We knew what the reason was for Easter, and it wasn't bunnies.  Also, my mom always made a scavenger hunt for us to follow clues around the house to find out baskets, and that was great fun (she did it one year and had to do it from then on).

This year, we had a great time with our girls. Heidi was so excited about the plastic eggs around the living room that she didn't even pay attention to her basket. She was shaking an egg around before dropping it on the floor. When she dropped it, it burst open and a caboodle of jelly beans went bouncing in all directions. She LOVED this. Sophia's favorite part was probably having hard-boiled eggs for breakfast. I had made the eggs on Saturday morning and put them in the fridge, where they were promptly forgotten about. Right before bed, I opened up the refrigerator and saw a bowl of white hard boiled eggs - oops! I asked Sophia if she wanted to color eggs (of course, yes) and we did so late at night on Easter eve. 

The girls wore beautiful matching dresses from Great Nana for Easter. Heidi had her first "hair do" ever, and Sophia wore a lovely hat with a small white purse that made her look remarkably like royalty.

For lunch/dinner, we went to Oma and Papa's house. The girls' favorite thing, especially Heidi's, was the Peeps on a stick. Heidi went nuts over it, and kept calling it a "sucky" (sucker) and would randomly run up to people, holding it out proudly. We all had a good afternoon rest before an excellent "traditional" dinner of ham, potatoes, veggies, and, most importantly, CRAB LEGS! I'm pretty sure I ate 2 lbs. worth. I made my traditional bird nests for dessert (rice krispy treats made with Frosted Flakes, shaped like bird nests, with cadbury mini eggs in them), as well as having a delicious angel food cake with strawberries. Ah. Food.

Aunt Meghan found Heidi an awesome safari Pooh Bear - exactly like her "original" Pooh!

Our colored eggs. Didn't make a lot, but we never eat them all!

Easter "spoils" from Parents, Nana and Papa, and Aunt Meghan and Uncle Stephen. Sophia went crazy over her Sofia the First pursue and Frozen Jewelry. Hedi loves her puzzle and anything Pooh related!

She wanted to pose this way. Princess :)

Heidi's first pony tail!

Sophia wearing a Frozen necklace with her Easter dress

In an effort to get Heidi to smile, Chris started tickling her neck

It worked!

The Queen awaiting her brunch

The purse. The hat. And seriously, that little pony tail.

This smile though!

Beautiful girls.

My little reader.

Perhaps Heidi's favorite part of all of Easter - Peeps on a stick!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

In Sickness and in Health

What a funny little phrase, isn't it? I mean, it makes perfect sense. And I stand by my marriage vows, to stay by Chris no matter what.


Unless vomiting is involved.  Surely, the sickness part didn't mean that, did it?  Stitches, stomach cramps, sprains, breaks, tears, bleeding, MRSA, infections, colds, influenza, chicken pox, strep throat, fevers, RSV, ulcers, surgery, root canals... all of those things I can handle, no sweat. Vomiting? GET ME OUT OF HERE.

I should perhaps give background.

At Disney World, my dearest little Heidi picked up a stomach bug. If you are interested in details you may read the Disney World post. I thought we were home free because no one else had gotten sick (and the last time Heidi had thrown up was Sunday) and it was Wednesday. PLENTY of time. Maybe Heidi just ate something that didn't agree with her little tummy.  Well, Thursday morning hits and it turns out I was wrong... it was my turn. Thinking that surely, since no one else had it, we were done, it hits Sophia on Friday. Mocking me.

And if I didn't have Chris, I'd be a basket case. I am not sure if "emetophobia" (fear of vomiting) is a thing, for real, but if it is, I have it. I can't even stand be around myself when I'm sick, and I generally spend up until the last 10 seconds convincing myself that I'm not going to throw up and then making a mad dash for the bathroom. Amazing how adrenaline can move you when you feel miserable but are going to be sick.  So, Sophia gets sick.  And Chris, being a sweet, kind, wonderful man, takes care of her and gets most of the vomit cleaned up. I did help some (a very small some). But it was really all Chris. Not only does he clean up, when she starts getting the "every hour" type of thing he is in the bathroom with her every time comforting her and soothing her, and praying with her. It just made my heart melt. He was holding her hair and just being there with her.  Frankly, she handled it much better than I do as well, though I don't think she has yet slept in her own bed again at night because she is afraid she is going to get sick again. And I get it. There's something kind of scary about night after you've just been sick. I can't exactly describe it, but I know the feeling because I have the same worries.

Well, after all this, it's been again another couple of days and I think to myself, "I am SO happy Chris escaped that". The poor guy has enough going on with the MRSA/staff thing and possible hand-foot-mouth.  Well, once again, the sickness was mocking me and Chris came home from work last night and had his turn.

This is where the "sickness and health" thing comes into play. Granted, when I am sick I like to be left alone and I thought he may be the same way. When my in-laws picked up the girls from daycare (because he wasn't feeling well) I just went over there and had dinner with them and asked if the girls and I could stay overnight. We were planning to be there the next day all day anyway because they were shutting our water off and I wanted to be able to use the toilet and shower during the day. So, if we stayed overnight it saved the step of going there in the morning, and it would give Chris the peace and quiet he probably wanted to help him rest. And also, I'm afraid of vomit. Let's be honest.

Once I got Heidi put to bed I went to the store and picked up some Gatorade for Chris (we already had jello, saltines, toast, oyster crackers, popsicles, and applesauce from everyone else getting sick) and came back to my in-laws to sleep. Poor Chris, being abandoned by his wife. Though he, like myself and many people, does prefer to be left alone when sick. So I guess it worked out okay, and he has been gradually keeping down solids now for part of the day.

The frustrating thing was that since Chris still has this MRSA thing on his cheek, he is on this 3rd round of antibiotics and is about halfway through a 7 day course. Well, antibiotics aren't known to be friendly to the stomach. He was worried about harming the effectiveness of them and wanted to call the nurse/doctor to verify what he should do. I offered to make the call for him and I am glad I did because they shouldn't put sick people through this. I started with the 24/7 nurse line that is available through his insurance company. What a waste of half an hour. I could barely understand the nurse, for starters, and she had a really difficult time understanding what I was asking. She made me repeat my question multiple times ("Can my husband continue to take his antibiotic or should he wait until he is keeping solid food down") and instead spent over 20 minutes asking me inane questions that had nothing to do with anything.

"Is he diabetic?"
"Does he feel as though he may faint or have muscle weakness?"
"How much has he vomited?"
"Has he vomited over 10 times in 24 hours?" (ALREADY ANSWERED BY PREVIOUS QUESTION, and plus, I have already said many times that he has currently vomited ONCE for now.)
"Is the vomiting forceful?"
"Does he have a heart condition?"
"Is he having trouble breathing?"
"Is he sweating or hot or have a fever?"

And at the end of all of this ridiculous questioning, she STILL didn't answer my question and said "My recommendation is that you call your doctor and go to an urgent care". Um. What? No. I answered "no" to pretty much all of those questions, and they have nothing to do with taking his antibiotic! He has gastroenteritis, the same ridiculous virus that the WHOLE FAMILY HAS ALREADY HAD and I just want my ONE question answered *tearing out hair*. What. The. Heck.

30 minutes of my life, gone.

So, I did take her recommendation (kind of) and I called his doctor's office hoping to speak to a nurse there. Apparently, and I know this for the future, this is what I should have done the first time and it would have saved me a lot of nightmare. They said to expect a call back in half an hour. So I waited. Within 15 minutes his actual Doctor called because he had been paged. I asked the doctor the question, and he was extremely friendly and helpful and ACTUALLY GAVE ME AN ANSWER. Thank you, doctor. Valuable life lesson learned. And, for future reference, his answer was no, wait until the stomach settles and food is kept down before resuming the antibiotic. Thanks.

While I may be useless when it comes to cleaning up (or being near, or hearing, or seeing, or etc) vomit, I can make phone calls. Though I can barely do that too without turning into a crazy person. Perhaps part of it is pregnant crazy. Who knows.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Disney World Pictures II

 These are the pictures from our trip from Chris' phone. Now, you are officially overwhelmed with Disney World pictures.

Literally frozen in time when she saw Pooh Bear

Yes, those are whole crabs. In snack form. Part of me wishes we had tried them. A very small part.

Sophia's concept car

"Watching" fireworks

Showing Sophia Rapunzel's tower in the distance