Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Sense of Humor

It's one of those things where we seem to have everything at once, which is just enough to make life interesting.

On Monday, when I was at work, I got a call from Sherri in the morning informing me that Sophia had thrown up. She seemed fine afterwards and was great later in the day, and Chris and I just stayed at work because she didn't have a fever and seemed okay.

Tuesday, it was kind of diet as usual and Wednesday nothing odd happened, with the girls anyway.

On Monday, when Chris shaved, he noticed a large bump on his jaw. After a couple of days of it not going away he went into a minute clinic just to have it looked at. It was determined he had a MRSA infection. And poor Chris, when he told me about it, I FREAKED out. Just one of those things about being in healthcare; whenever you hear the phrase "MRSA" it brings terror! Of course, logically, if they let him leave the clinic instead of rushing to the emergency room it couldn't be all THAT bad. But the first question they asked after "do you work in healthcare?" was "do you have small children?" Yes. And a pregnant wife. Who is freaking out. So she said to use precautions around the kids, and of course let nobody near the spot, all that. And to bleach and wash things.

Typically, Oma picks up the girls on Wednesday night. I took the opportunity to go home and disinfect EVERYTHING. Chris removed the sheets and all the towels and we started bleaching and washing things like crazy.

Then I picked up the girls and we went to bed. Well, the girls and Chris did. I, for some random reason, was WIDE awake. Perhaps it was a mother's intuition thing. But Sophia came running into our room at midnight, frantic, saying "I have to go POTTY! MY TUMMY HURTS!" I'm freaking out. Turns out she just has to pee. Then, back to bed. An hour later, around 1 a.m., it was almost an identical entrance into our room but this time she had some diarrhea (sorry for the TMI). Then, back to bed. Ok. I'm still kind of wide awake, after two entrances like that. I manage to fall into a fitful sleep around 3 a.m. when Chris and I are awoken at 4 a.m. with crying and the horking/coughing/danger sound. He runs, I'm sitting bolt upright, and Sophia has gotten sick a little on her carpet and Chris managed to get her a bowl in time for the rest. Well. I am the WORST PARENT IN THE WORLD when it comes to vomit. I can't do it. So poor Sophia. I try to get the bowl cleaned up while Chris tackles the carpet, but I can't do it and start gagging. I decide to help her wipe off her mouth and nose, clean her hands, and get settled again. Chris is the superhero here, who cleans up the floor, the bowl, gets the shampooer and cleans the carpet. I get Sophia settled on the couch watching Beauty and the Beast, settled with some blankets and a bowl, then put Heidi in our room while Chris shampoos. Amazingly, she sleeps like a rock the whole time and even sleeps once I get her re-settled back into her own bed. 

I asked Chris what I am going to do while he's gone this summer if something like this happens. He said that his parents are close by, and my parents will be here for a lot of it.  I can just picture calling up Bob in the middle of the night... "Hey! It's Katie... would you mind coming over to clean up some vomit? Thanks..."

What is so funny (like, ironic funny) about this is while I'm getting Sophia settled on the couch, Chris comes into the room and says "Well, there's a wasp in the bathroom..." What?? A WASP?! It is February! In Minnesota! AND 4 a.m! Where on earth would it have come from?

And part of the reason the wasp is so funny goes back YEARS ago to when my family used to spend summers in McCall, ID. We had left already but my Dad was still there. One day while cycling home, he got in a pretty back accident flipping over his handle bars and had a bone sticking up through his shoulder. While he's laying on the pavement, right after his accident and in pain, a wasp flies up the back of his shirt. Because let's add insult to injury.

This was all I could think of when I saw the wasp in the bathroom. Like, an inside family joke of adding insult to injury. Stupid wasp. But at least I can take care of a wasp, especially a cold-weather-drunken one.

The good thing was that I was already bleaching the whole house... so I just continued on that little streak. The poor girl. I gave in and started to give Sophia some "special blue juice" (Gatorade) to sip on around 10-11 a.m.  1-2 ounces at a time, all day. And she's now had oyster crackers and some chicken broth and jello. Hopefully I was just a little too eager in getting her back to her regular diet. We'll just play it safe for a few more days here, and see how it goes.

My friend Erica was an AMAZING blessing today. She called me (I was just waking up from a nap and probably sounded super out of it) and asked if she could bring us dinner. YES! Please! Thank you! That was a HUGE weight off my mind. Never has a Papa Murphy's pizza tasted so good.

And hopefully we can settle back down into normal life! Praying for our health, from MRSA to tummy bugs. Also that I can resist eating the entire box of chocolate fudge poptarts that I bought this morning while picking up Gatorade in one sitting, because that kind of comfort food just sounded good when I was walking through the store.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Girls, Pregnancy, and Other Happenings

Well, it has been an interesting couple of weeks in the Pitts' household. I'll just throw together this random post detailing everything.

Sophia is still growing, far too quickly. In fact, yesterday in church, she and Elli were telling each other, "remember when we were kids....?"  Yes, my dears I believe that would be fresh in your memory. Or I'd hope so. But, of course, now they are all grown up. However, she's not growing up TOO much. I think Valentine's Day was perhaps one of the most exciting holidays in her little life. She got to prepare some Valentine's with Blow Pop suckers for her friends at church, with little glitter Disney Princess tattoos, and then she woke up to candy and cards from Mommy and Daddy, which was a lot of fun. Heidi, too, loved it, but didn't quite have the same understanding as Sophia. She was just thrilled about it. And she had cards (WITH STICKERS!!!) in it from Chris' grandparents, and was sent plush dogs and kissing teddy bears from my grandparents, and the girls got a box full of fruit snacks and costume jewelry and mickey stickers from my parents, and even more goodies from Chris' parents. Pastor at church even handed out some Valentines and candies to all the kids. Sophia just thought it was magical, and went around for the following week wishing us and everybody else a "Happy Valentine's Day!" We now have stickers all over everything in our house. Books, walls, etc. My project over the next couple of weeks will be to subtly remove them.

Heidi is far too fearless. Terrifyingly so. I think she is probably going to be a stunt double. I'm sure I've told this story already, but every time I pick her up from the child center at the gym somebody tells me how much energy she has. And it's so true. She is an energizer bunny, always moving, always going. The ONE SINGLE EXCEPTION to this rule is if Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is one. For example, today she woke up from her nap and when I went into the room Sophia was still sound asleep on her bed, despite the noises Heidi was making. I changed Heidi and took her out of the room, but had a phone call to make that would be a somewhat lengthy one. I put on an episode of Mickey Mouse, and that little doll barely moved from her spot for the entire 20 minutes.  She loves to climb things, jump on things, play upside down, spin in chairs, and always be doing something active and fun. She is absolutely bursting with personality and is just so much fun to be around.  She is slowly getting to the point where she will actively give kisses. In the past, if you said "Can I have a kiss?" she would *MAYBE* lean her cheek towards you. Maybe. Now, she'll even turn to give you a kiss (most of the time) and over the past week or two I've even had her offer spontaneous kisses! And, she will say "kiss". She'll also say "love you" in response to me saying "I love you" which is just adorable.

We also celebrated Oma's birthday on Valentine's Day, which Sophia thought was really fun because it was a holiday too! Papa picked out a special cookie for the girls from Byerly's. It was a giant sugar cookie very thick with frosting that looked like a Panda Bear. The black frosting from the panda was quite the disaster for Heidi, who managed to spread it around on herself pretty quickly and seemed quite amused by it.

The Valentine's stash of candy is going to keep us busy for a while. Sophia ate a small chocolate bar from the stash the other day and had chocolate all over herself. When I said to her, "You need to wash your hands!" her reply to me was, "No! I can just lick it off!" Uh.. yeah. I guess why waste perfectly good chocolate?

And speaking of chocolate, with Miss Heidi's ever-growing vocabulary, last night we ate dinner with Oma at Tucci in the Mall of America. Heidi got chocolate milk with her dinner and actually drank all of it, and pretty quickly. Historically she doesn't drink more than a couple of ounces of her milk. We told her it was chocolate milk and she kept saying "Choc-it!" or other cute variations of it.

Prior to dinner, Oma had some tickets to the theme park at the Mall of America that she needed to use, so Sophia spent some time going on rides. She absolutely loves going on rides, and always looks longingly at the "big-kid" Ninja Turtle one. Every time we go she asks if she is big enough to ride it. Soon enough she will be! She insisted on bringing her Bible with her to the mall last night, and even bringing it on some rides with her. I rode the Ferris Wheel with Sophia (Oma does not do heights) and precious little girl had her Bible in her hands the whole time, and was excited to sit and "read" it on the ride. Heidi is now getting old enough that she is very frustrated when she can't participate in the rides. While Sophia was riding, we spent most of our time in the American Girl store playing with the Bitty Babies. Heidi had about 6 of them displaced at one point, and was caring of each of them. She was calling a bay bottle a "cup", and I said "Yes, you have the bottle for the baby". She is quite quick to learn and started saying "ba-da" and "ba-ba" for the bottle each time she would feed it to a baby.

On a less positive note, on Thursday, the 18th, last week Chris woke up and got ready for work, got outside, started his car, only to find that his tires had been slashed. And not just the four tires that the car was sitting on, but the spare tire up on the back of the jeep as well. I was, and still kind of am, shocked. He came into the room and woke me up and told me, and it took me a really long time to process what he was telling me. And the person who did it left a smiley face on the back window too. Lovely. I told hiim to just take my car to work.. much easier than getting the girls up and packed in a car.. and that I'd take care of getting his car fixed. The first phone call I made was to the Eagan police. A police officer, who was quite young and looked like a baby, really, came out and looked over the car, took pictures, etc. There was really no way to tell any information from the car itself. His first question to me was "Do you guys have any enemies?" No! I almost laughed when he said it! We (unfortunately) barely even know our neighbors, and can't even imagine someone intentionally doing that. It was so odd though; ours was the only car that was affected - the other cars in the parking lot next to his hadn't been touched. After that, I had to wait a bit to make more phone calls. I called the office once it opened to let them know, and the insurance company, Sam's club for tires, the insurance again for a tow, and they weren't able to do the tow because we had to have two functioning tires. I ended up calling Jeep (Chris still has some kind of warranty for roadside through them) and got a tow through them. Vandalism wasn't covered, so we had to pay for that which was disappointing, but it is covered by the insurance with the part of the tire cost (outside of our deductible and subtracting for the cost of "wear" on the tires... sigh...). The whole thing is just so odd. But, he now has new tires on his jeep and we have a security camera set up that alerts us when there is movement by it so hopefully we don't have a repeat incident (or, at least if we do, it'll be captured on video this time).

Also news on the Chris front, he is planning on picking up his military ID today so he is completely clean shaven, I think for the firs ttime at least a couple of years. I don't think he has shaved since he has had his job at Thomson Reuters, which he has had since January of 13. Or at least not that I remember.  It was like looking at a baby-faced stranger this morning! I'll try to get a picture of him later today so I can put it up here.

Giving Daddy a kiss

Playing in the box that Valentine's presents came in

I believe this is week 12

And 13 weeks. Growing so fast this time!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Proud Mom

Sophia had a district early childhood screening this past week, 2/4/16 for the sake of documenting exact dates. This is something they do here before they enter kindergarten, roughly around when kids are 3 1/2 to 4. We got a note about it in the mail and thank goodness that we had friends who did this right before us, otherwise I wouldn't have known what on earth they were sending a notice for.

The building is actually not hard to find, but if you are using a GPS you have to ignore the GPS because it tells you to turn on the wrong turn... so when we arrived Mommy was *slightly* stressed and we were a few minutes late.

They do a simple test of motor and language skills, and a hearing and vision screening, as well as BMI stuff. Sophia passed the test, getting 20 out of the required 16 points (ha!) and even went by herself into the room with the nurse to do the vision and hearing screening.

She asked me to come with for the first test and the screener was visibly annoyed because Heidi was there with us, and was not really interested in doing whatever I wanted to do but was FASCINATED with what Sophia was doing so it took some effort to get her away and distracted.

Sophia is getting so big. This was kind of hard for me, to be driving to a school district building and thinking about all of this school stuff. It's very likely that we'll be starting her in preschool this fall, and I just feel like I don't know how this time came so quickly. Where is the precious newborn that we held in the hospital, the baby girl who was learning the crawl just yesterday, the girl who was so unsteady on her feet that she fell and hurt herself on the deck, the girl who was just learning how to say "hello" and give kisses?

I recently bought some new keen shoes for her for this summer (found them on a great sale! The time to buy summer shoes is January!) and when they arrived I took them out of the box and thought "WOW! I bought shoes that are WAY too big!" I mean, I double checked her size and measured her foot based on their website, but maybe I misunderstood?  But she saw me open them and was so excited about them that she tried them on...and they fit! How is it possible her feet are big enough for those big shoes? Where's the tiny baby shoes that look all scrunched up and chunky? Her shoes are proportional now!

But I am so proud of the girl she is becoming. She is just such a tender, sweet, and caring girl. She loves others, she loves animals, and she is so considerate of others. She has a great capacity for remembering the names of others, and she enjoys being around other people. There is part of me that worries that her going to school will just ruin the innocence that she has, but I just know how important it'll be for me to have to be involved in the school, and with Sophia, and there to answer questions and talk just like my parents were with me.

I read a post that I really liked, that suggested as part of loving your children, you pick out a verse and pray it for them. I love this idea. Something that I worry about with my Sophia is that she will succumb to people pleasing over pleasing God.  I know it's a hard thing, because it's something that I've certainly struggled with. There are two verses in particular. Proverbs 29:25 "The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is safe" and Colossians 3:23 "Whatever you do, work heartily, for the Lord and not for men".  I pray these for my sweet girl, and pray for her strength and wisdom, and pray for her heart, and pray that I'm doing well by her.

I'm nervous and excited to see her continue to grow. Nervous because it means she's growing up, and it seems like it really be no time at all before she's asking for car keys. Excited because I know this is all part of having kids; she'll get bigger, and grow, and hopefully I'll be able to impart actual important things to her, such as a faith in God above all else. She'll love being in Kindergarten, I think, with so many other kids to play with, and will love learning because she has a passion for learning now. She loves to read, and loves to practice writing letters and numbers. What a gift we were given in Sophia!

Vacation Plans and Sisters

With Chris planning to be gone for 12 weeks this summer, he had wanted to do something together as a family before leaving. Originally, our plan was to go to Costa Rica but we are editing our plans due to that widespread mosquito virus and are instead going to be going to DisneyWorld! And now that we've announced the pregnancy of our third, it makes more sense why we had to cancel Costa Rica!

I will admit, this is a bit of a first world problem, but initially I was disappointed. We had this great beach trip all planned out. But Chris and I both let reality set in: We still have two little ones. We weren't going to be sitting on the beach sun bathing for a week.  Not that we wouldn't have a wonderful time, but it wouldn't be a honeymoon so much as a family vacation. And that's alright. So DisneyWorld is sounding better and better.

I have had a BLAST planning it. So much has changed there since we were last there, which is when I was pregnant with Sophia. They have these great little Magic Bands that are your room key and park pass and charge card, all around your wrist! (Danger, Will Robinson). It's been nostalgic to plan it too, since we used to go there once a month or so. But this time, I'm planning character breakfasts and thinking all about how much fun the girls are going to have meeting these characters!

Very few things will make Heidi sit still for more than 30 seconds. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is one of them. That show comes on and she is ENTRANCED. I don't even recognize my little busy body. She loves to hoard all of Sophia's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse "fabulous 6" or whatever the main 6 characters are called and just sit in the pile of them. We are really looking forward to it.

I was talking to Sophia about it and asking what she wanted to do in the hotel room. There are two beds, so they can share, or I could see if I can get a pack and play in there for Heidi so she is a little more caged in. Sophia, without hesitation, said that she wanted to share the bed with her sister.  And I don't doubt it. Sophia got a little girls sleeping bag from the VerWays a little while ago and has been sleeping in it, probably a majority of the time. Lately, she has been scooting it so that her head is sleeping right next to Heidi's bed. It is just too sweet.

Of course, it only adds to their mischief because now it's easier for them to be playing together at night time. Last night, about an hour after I had put them to bed, I noticed that their light was on from the hallway. I opened the door to their room and they both, out of bed, stop and turn to look at me with guilty little looks on their faces. Sophia was wearing a swimming suit over her pajamas ("I was making sure it fit for when we go see Mickey Mouse!) and Heidi was carrying around their nightlight, and it looked like she had been spinning in circles. I had to be the bad guy and get them back into their bed.

They also love playing doctor together. It's not always clear who gets to use what medical instruments so this can lead to little scuffles, but generally they tend to play well together and were even doing a joint check-up on Daddy the other evening. Chris walked up on Heidi using my otoscope the other day too (the real one!) and was about to lecture her to put it down when he noticed she was using it to look into her Pooh Bear's ears.

Heidi definitely does a Monkey-See-Monkey-Do with Sophia as well. We were sitting at the dinner table last night and Sophia said "I need to get my wiggles out" (something that I have the munchkins do when I teach Sunday School before I give the lesson) so she started wiggling her arms and saying "Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!!". Heidi just thought this was hilarious, and before long was going "Wigo, wigo, wigo" and waving her little arms around too. When I tried to take a picture, Heidi knows exactly what to do and said "Tees!" with a big, hammy smile while looking at the camera.

She is also the protective little sister. It's really very sweet. Sophia had some rubber bands in her hair to have a little up do for church. Her thing lately is asking for her hair to look like food. Her favorites are: pineapple, cheesestick, and apple. "Mom, can you make my hair look like a pineapple?" Yeah. So I was cutting the rubber bands out of her hair with scissors rather than attempting to pull them out because it was just the small toddler ones. I approached her with the scissors, and Heidi saw and was freaking out! She started kind of moaning, and looking like she was about to cry, as if she was asking me what on earth I was doing to her sister. Much like how she behaved when they were at the dentist and the dentist was making her nervous!

Oh these girls. I am really looking forward to spending some time together with them in sunny Florida as we escape work and enjoy family time, even if it means a nice, slow trip and lots of waiting in lines for autographs.

Tea party with Pooh Bear

Shh! Mickey is on!

Pretending to be a "snake" - with a cheese stick

Caring for Daddy

His personal team of doctors

Wiggle! Wiggle! Wiggle!

"CHEESE!" Heidi loves a good camera moment.

My little reader