Monday, January 25, 2016

January Blues

The most wonderful time of the year is over, leaving us with the cold, gray, kind of depressing month that is January. Now, of course, January is not all bad. If you are crazy, and like ice fishing, for example, you may LOVE January in Minnesota. If you are like the other 99.9% of the population, you are wondering why you live here.

Part of the answer must be, you have to have to bad to enjoy the good. Right? If life was always perfect and sunny and warm, say 80-85 degrees and no humidity, we'd all take it for granted. Those poor folks in Hawaii who think a little bit of rain makes for a bad day.

Normally this time of year we'd probably start to go a little stir crazy. That is to be expected. But I think Sophia and Heidi manage to get enough time out of doors just to keep them sane. Also, the times that I go to the gym really help I think because they have a large indoor jungle gym that they love to play on. Almost every time I go to pick them up they are climbing up or sliding down on that gym, happy as little clams.

Really January has been tame for our family. A little bit of hunkering down indoors and relaxing. Heidi is coming down with a bit of a cold, I think. She isn't really coughing, just has the green mucousy nose. I got what I swear is the miniature version of the flu this last Friday. Thursday I had a doctor's appointment and had blood drawn and all of that fun stuff. I was not feeling great at that point, and then Thursday evening it turned from not fun to even less fun. I had a fever and body aches and sore throat and what felt exactly like a version of the flu, only on a smaller scale because the fever wasn't too high. I stayed home from work on Friday and sent the girls to Miss Sherri's house still, which was amazing. I slept basically all day. Then my in-laws offered to watch Sophia overnight on Friday (half the load!). Sohpia came over to offer me some great medical advice, and to give me a hug and a kiss goodnight. She said:

"If you are hungry you can eat crackers and pretzels"
"Drink some water, but not too much"
"If you see a spider let Daddy kill it"
"Let me check your heartbeat...*Puts on stethoscope and checks*... it's good. Maybe too much food in your belly"

And after the advice she sang "Jesus Loves Me" to me while stroking my hair and cheek. My little nurse. It was so sweet.

Then my poor little girl ended up with a sore throat on Sunday (yesterday). She never did get a fever, so I don't know if she had some sort of version of what I had. But we gave her orange juice and vitamins and let her suck on some suckers throughout the day, and this morning when she woke up she said "I don't have a froat anymore!" (no more sore throat, yay)! We took a minute to pray in the car and thank God that we were all feeling healthy and well again. I just love these little girlies.

Go Daddy, GO!

Let me help you with those push-ups!

Playing with Daddy and Copper while Mommy is resting

Heidi has some Alfalfa hair going here

Let me check your ears, Mom

She loves her Uncle Dan

Saturday, January 16, 2016

New Year!

I have become lax in my posting already, not keeping up with my one post per week goal, and it is only January 15!

In my defense, it has perhaps not been the most exciting start to the year, and I have had a couple of other things on my mind, but I shall make up for the lack in posting. Perhaps.

My kids have had no shortage of adorable and interesting things happening in their lives. Sophia is right in the middle of her 3s, and sometimes it is more evident than other times. She is still one of the most sweet-natured children I have ever encountered (no bias there!) but there are also less-than-sweet times which, if she didn't have, would probably be cause for concern. I never know how to react in meltdown situations. If Chris is home, the two of us just look at each other and start laughing (or, working really hard to stifle laughter) because usually the object of her wrath is not something serious. For example, in a recent bout of being 3, Sophia had not napped that day. She may be weaning a little bit from naps, but she still really needs a short nap at the very least. So, she was tired. Heidi was tired as well. I was reading to them before bed time, and had Sophia on one side and Heidi on the other. Heidi was trying to grab the book from me, which I did not allow her to do because I was reading to Sophia as well, and she started to get grumpy and fuss. Seemingly out of nowhere, Sophia just started BAWLING and said "Heidi's crying is hurting my ears!!" Ha. Yeah. It's bedtime, ladies. My poor child is going to think I take nothing seriously.

Upon returning, the girls have been spending their time during the day at the VerWay's house, because Emily is home from college over the break and is watching them to earn some money for college. They do miss going to Miss Sherri's house, but have had a lot of fun at the VerWay's as well. We generally bring their snow suits over and Emily actually not only got Heidi dressed up in her snow stuff, but she even had her enjoying playing in the snow! I didn't know it was possible. And today, I got a snapchat from Emily with a picture of Heidi trying to put ON her snowclothes. Quite the reversal from her normal snow attitude. Sophia always has cute stories about watching a movie with somebody, or singing, or other activities. She did have an accident during naptime one day there, and told me all about how she wet the bed but "it's okay because it was an accident" and how she got a bath and got all cleaned up and got to put on her pajamas again!

Heidi has been adding constantly to her vocabulary. A couple of days ago she said very clearly, "Mine!" when Papa was withholding something from her that she wanted. Uh oh. Not an ideal, but I guess unavoidable, word for an almost 18 month old. She is just overflowing with a fun, sassy personality and will even stomp her little feet when she gets mad. This will be considerably less cute as time goes on, so we have "talked" about it when she does it, but for now it's hard to think it's anything but adorable. She's also learning how to jump, and will sometimes wander around the house making motions like she's going to jump, even if she doesn't quite make it into the air.

Sophia had her first sleepover (not at our house or with grandparents) with Elli. She has been asking for one since Elli slept over at our house when Dave and Sherri went out of town for a weekend. Sherri had her over on a night when I had to work so I only  had to get one munchkin ready. She had a blast. They went to an indoor playground and really tired themselves out before bed, and then playing in the snow the next day. Sophia has not stopped talking about it and keeps asking me when Elli can come over or she can go over there again. If it was anybody else I don't think I'd be able to let Sophia sleepover, especially at 3, but it's like a second family there to her.

Sophia loves to sing and both make up lyrics to songs or sing what she believes are the lyrics to songs. For example, one of her favorites is Angels We Have Heard on High, the Gloria part. And she'll sing "Gloooooo-oooooo-ooooo in Chelsey's Day-o!" and it's adorable to hear. I have a video of it which I wish I could post but'll just have to trust me. She also discovered that she likes to eat purple onions. Only purple onions. Because they are spicy. Sure surprised me when she had them on a burger from Wendy's so I took them off, per her request, and then she ate them anyway and decided she loved them. She also loves "bonado" soup (tomato soup), though she wants nothing to do with tomatoes. It has been a requested dinner favorite, tomato soup with grilled cheese and pickles. Poor Chris does not really love any of those things, and if that is on the menu he has been making protein smoothies for dinner. But, it isn't often!

One of Heidi's new favorite things is to go spinning around in Daddy's office chair. She'll climb up on to it and ask to be spun, and if you stop, she will sign "more!" When she's spinning she'll throw up her arms and laugh and almost throw herself off from laughing so hard! It's kind of scary. But she's so fearless it doesn't phase her. She also loves to climb up on my rocking chair, which is being the couch, and use it as a springboard to jump over the couch. It. Is. Terrifying. She is just so energetic too that almost every time we are at the gym, somebody will comment to me "She has so much energy!" Yes, yes she does.

Sophia has been asking more questions about God, and seeming to understand more. The knowledge and understanding that she has about Christ and the cross for so young of an age really amazes me. I don't talk about God often enough during my day when I am with the girls, but it is something I am really eager to improve upon. I try to talk about God when we're cooking together, or when we see animals when we're driving, or if there is poor weather or good weather. In her mind, it is so simple and so clear too. She asked me a question about an animal one time, I don't specifically remember the question, but when I said I didn't know the answer, she said "I do! It's because God made it that way!" Wow. Yes, it sure is. If only I could have the faith like a child!

One more anecdote, and then I shall sign off. Lately, I have been going to bed early (9:30 or so). I typically put the girls in bed around 8:30, perhaps closer to 9 if it's a late night when we have small group or something. Last night, we had small group so the girls were going to bed around 9. I tucked them in after brushing teeth and reading, turned on the Minnie Mouse star night light, sang 3 or 4 songs, and said goodnight. I got myself in bed and was falling asleep, in between in that almost dreamland, when Sophia came into our room and told me "Heidi is still awake". Yes, dear, so are you. Why don't you lay down, and then maybe Heidi will too?  Next thing I remember, again in between dream land and reality, is hearing a dresser drawer open and close. I thought to myself, "I should go see what that is about". But instead dream land took over. I had a horrible feeling that I would wake up to find clothing strewn all about the room. What I did find was Heidi wearing a swimming suit over her pajamas, sleeping in her bed. Well, okay then. She was wearing Sophia's swimming suit top too, so it was a bit large on her. But if that's all that was, I much prefer that to waking up to a room white from being covered in baby powder or each drawer opened up and the contents spilled.

What a blessing these beauties are, and what a thrill and honor it is to be their Mother. There are so many times I do not feel worthy, so many times I slip up or lose my temper or say "no" to something that doesn't really matter. But I can only pray we all continue to learn and grow in the process, growing closer to Christ and understanding the depths of His love and grace for us.
It was too quiet. Always a bad sign. They were playing in the bathtub - Sophia all ready to go

From her sleepover with Elli

When Sophia had a sleepover, Heidi really missed her at night and ended up sleeping in her big sister's bed

Early morning snuggles

Picture proof of Heidi enjoying the snow

Sophia found Mommy's underwear drawer...

Are there ever enough pictures of toes?

Mostly figured out how to eat soup ;)

I did the screen shot of the snapchat thing... but it was cute!