Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pooh Girl

This girl. She just absolutely loves her Pooh Bear and I have accumulated a small collection of incredibly adorable pictures with the pooh bear that are just too cute, so I thought I would just make a post out of them.

Just like everybody else, I have a little bit of crazy in me. When Sophia was little and we discovered that "Pig Bear" (Gund Snuffles bear) was going to be her favorite, I went a little *tiny bit* overboard (depending on who you ask, I lost it completely) and ordered a couple of the small pink bears, which are ultimately her favorite (and we had 3 at one time; we are currently down to 1 which makes me a tad bit nervous) and also branched out into ordering other Pig Bears, like a large light pink one, a large dark pink one, a blue one, a mustache one...etc. They even have a Kiss (like the band) one and a hot pink leopard print one. The fun never stops. My original idea in purchasing a second one (...and more) was so that they were interchangeable; so if anything ever happened to one we didn't have a crisis on our hands. This thinking goes back to when I lost my Bear Bear when I was 9 or 10 years old in the airport in Arizona and never found him again. I think I cried myself to sleep for a week. I was hoping to avoid this with the girls.

So when Heidi's favorite Pooh Bear was established, I searched for a second to buy as a back-up. I had to promise Chris that I wouldn't go crazy (of course, 'crazy' is open to interpretation).  Well, I come to find out that her particular Pooh Bear, which Oma and Papa got for her at DisneyWorld, is a Disney Parks ONLY product. Of course. So I start scouring Ebay. The problem with Ebay is that you are paying for a used stuffed animal which people on Ebay are valuing far too highly (one person was charging over $10 plus money for shipping! Come on, people!).

Well, at our gym I noticed one day when we were leaving (I believe Heidi was around 9 months old) that there was her EXACT Pooh Bear in the 'lost and found' pile that they were hoping to get back to the owner. I watched that bear like a hawk. Nobody claimed it, and over two months went by. Here is the crazy part of me. I approached the child care center manager and asked her about it. She informed me that they donated their lost and found to Goodwill after a certain amount of time, a time which was approaching for my Pooh Bear friend. I managed to snag it from the Goodwill pile (saving me multiple trips to the Goodwill store to track it down) and Voila! We have a second Pooh Bear! When I told Chris about it he said to me, "Do they know we're related?"

Yes... mock away... but I have a back-up!

Go for a ride on Daddy, Pooh Bears!

Playing at the Disney Store

I want all the Pooh Bears!!!

Toothbrushes, ice cream, and other miscellany

Women tend to go crazy over things that men just don't really understand. I know that I am generalizing here, but it's my blog so I can generalize if I want.

For example, I go crazy over the scent of new babies (LOVE new baby smell) and over the sight of my kids toes. I just love their toes. Chris thinks it's a little odd that I love (or even recognize) new baby smell. 
TOES - with her own nail polish choices.
I just want to kiss these.
Lots of little toes to love
Another example of this occurred two nights ago. I took a bag of breastmilk out of the freezer and it happened to be the last bag. I was thawing it to give to Heidi and thinking to myself "this is the last bag of breastmilk, which means the last bottle that Heidi will ever have!" and suddenly was just so emotional about my baby growing up. I shared this with Chris, whose response was "hmm. Well, we'll probably have another one"... totally missing the point that THIS one, my BABY, is growing up and done with the bottle phase and will never be in it again!
This is it. Her last time drinking from a bottle.
And she is growing up so quickly too. Sophia is starting to see Heidi as a playmate, which has both good and bad points to it. Mostly good. For example, they will play baby dolls together, and Heidi will use an old swaddling blanket to wrap up her Pooh Bear like Sophia will use one to wrap up baby Anna... but Sophia is used to not sharing those swaddling blankets, so we have had to discuss that it isn't necessary to wrap up the baby in 3 or 4 blankets, so that blankets can be shared with her sister.

It is a lot of work to feed Pooh Bear while sitting up.
Sophia's "nest". Note the chocolate milk stains going down the front

Rolling on the 'picnic' blanket set out by big sis

Sophia really enjoys the teaching role, though. She loves showing Heidi things like how to brush her teeth, or how to put her shoes on, and she really enjoys being my helper at times when she is able to help. Heidi recently switched from me using the finger brush to using an actual little toothbrush. Sophia has loved teaching her how to use it ("like this Heidi"; "no no, Heidi, you can't use toothpaste yet") and Heidi has loved learning how to use it. If I ever leave the bathroom door open, she will go in there and grab her toothbrush and just stand and brush her teeth for several minutes. She'll then often walk around the house, just brushing her teeth. Which of course means that I find toothbrushes in places where they aren't supposed to be.

Heidi also has her mischievous "curious explorer" side. The other day I was getting ready for the day and had spent about 10 minutes in the bathroom without interruption, which is always a bad sign. I walked into the living room and found Heidi with a box of tissues on her lap. Or, rather, the tissues WERE contained in the box, but had been helped out of the box by Heidi. She is also very adventurous. She loves to rock on my rocking chair, but finds it much easier and faster to rock it when she is standing up on the chair. This means that I can never leave the room for longer than about 10 seconds, or I'll come back in the room with Heidi standing on the chair like she's practicing to be the world surfing champion. But she's also learning how to clean up. She's lately been really into playing with the toy kitchen and vacuum, and likes to dump out the crayon box so she can throw the crayons back into it (then dump it again...and leave the mess).

Sophia is ever-refining her fashion sense. She likes to play with my shoes, and will often grab a pair of my high heels from the closet and march stumble around in them. The possibility of wearing two different shoes became a new fun idea for her as well, and there have been multiple occasions where she will choose to wear two different pairs of shoes. I mean, if you have more than one pair that goes with an outfit, why not?? She also really enjoys doing her own hair, and my hair. Typically this means putting as many hair clips into her hair as are easily accessible. Or my hair. Also hair gel. She's also really becoming more familiar with words and letters and counting. She has some letters down really well, especially "s" and "o" (the first two letters in her name) and she likes to pretend to read and write. She will read books to her baby doll. Last night when she got up to go to the bathroom she grabbed her Bible and sat there, reading, for probably 10 minutes.
Note the shoes ;)
She loves using the salt and pepper shakers...

We are in a little bit of an ice cream cone phase now. We went to the mall last week with Oma for "girls night" and I got them some cones at Dairy Queen for dessert. It was really Heidi's first experience letting her hold her own ice cream cone and go to town on it. She ate down the entire one half of the ice cream cone, with her little face buried in the ice cream the whole time making her little nose red with cold. Sophia of course loves ice cream cones so went we went to the store a couple of days later she saw a package of them and asked if we could get them. I agreed, and she picked out some mint chocolate chip ice cream to go with them. Heidi, again, ate down the side of the ice cream cone with her little nose buried in it. And Copper followed the two of them around like his life depended on it, waiting for one of them to drop some ice cream.

And speaking of Copper, our little fur baby, I don't know if there ever existed a more patient dog. Those girls will grab his fur, "pet" him (which with Heidi, sometimes means 'swatting' - we are working in what 'gentle' means), throw toys for him (which usually land right in front of his nose, but he humors them and picks up the toy for them to toss again), and interrupt his naps and he is still just a sweet, patient boy with them. I think he finds the pay off (kid food) to be worth it.

Note the toothbrush in the middle of the living room floor
But, while Chris might miss out on the sentimentality part of parenting, and not be a blubbering mess over things like the baby's last bottle, he sure does get being a daddy to little girls. As evidenced by this picture in a sparkly purple headband (shh... don't tell him this picture is up here).