Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pi Day!

I am kind of geeky, which isn't news to anybody. While I don't do anything that relates to math ever, I like to celebrate Pi Day (3.14)... mostly because it is an excuse to eat pie.

This year we 'celebrated' with Chicken Pot Pie for dinner, and Margarita Pie for dessert (Chris and I had margarita pie... the kids were left out of that one). I did make some slightly healthier alterations, like cool whip instead of heavy whipping cream and less butter and sweetened condensed milk... but it was still delicious. I think I can safely say that is my favorite kind of pie. 

Here's to celebrating silly holidays  :)

Though I did leave St. Patrick's Day out this year. While I have no real strong Irish connection, I always find it fun to make a traditional Irish meal on St. Patrick's Day. After a bad bout of food poisoning from some Bangers and Mash that I did for St. Patty's two years ago, I have not been as interested in anything exciting for St. Patrick's Day. Maybe next year!

Month 8!

Wow. 2/3 of a year old. I can't believe how fast time is going. Does it typically go faster the second time?

On March 15, 2015 Heidi crawled! Twice! She's getting the hang of it.  She still doesn't crawl regularly quite yet, but she can move her little self around pretty well, either by scooting or backwards crawling, or rolling from sitting to tummy and back up to sitting. She'll be crawling like a fiend pretty soon here, and I'm pretty sure it won't take her long after that to walk either because she is pulling herself up on things fairly regularly.

On March 18, 2015 her first little bit of tooth popped through! Good thing we're starting to wean a little bit... because from this point on breastfeeding just got a little less comfortable. It has been a long time coming. Her favorite teether is a nuby silicone teether and also the Sophie the Giraffe... that giraffe has been chewed like crazy!

She has certainly ventured into the realm of different foods this month. We've been primarily doing table food now, just chopped up into really small pieces. She loves bananas and avocados, and isn't big fan of strawberries or raspberries (though I am sure those tastes will develop!) She also really likes rice, and she enjoyed the chicken noodle soup we had for dinner the other night (well, she had chopped up chicken, noodles, and carrots).

She is having more and more interactions with big sister. Sophia really amuses Heidi, and very often we don't make it far through dinner without them cracking each other up. They love to play and roll around, and Heidi loves to be tickled. She also loves to grab faces - any time she is held up within reach of my face she will try to grab it, and same with Chris or Sophia. Sophia is still learning the whole thing about babies not being intentional when they hurt you from grabbing your face or hair, but overall she does really well with it.

Heidi also had her first illness, outside of a smaller cold or runny nose. There is a previous post on here about RSV so I won't detail it again, but she came through it like a champ. It was a scary couple of days, but she is back to her sleeping-through-the-night eating-like-a-pro self again.

It is also amazing to watch her as she starts to understand how things work or understand meanings. We have a fisher-price gumball machine toy, and after watching us use it once she picked up how to use it, and was trying to manipulate it and get the toys back in and everything. She is just amazingly smart and quick to pick things up. She is also recognizing signs, like milk, and is trying to say "all done" at the end of meals (mostly waving her arms).

She loves making this sound that sounds kind of like a goat ("meh-eh-eh-eh-eh...for those of you without kids or regular animal-noise making time). It just cracks me up. She loves to babble too and you can hear the inflection in her voice change, like she is putting together whole sentences in her little mind.

She is growing so much everyday. I just love this stage (well, just like I love every stage) where they are starting to feed themselves and really explore the environment. Locking up cupboards comes next!

Thank you Lord for the beautiful gift of children!

Catch up time!

Here I am getting behind again...and I promised I'd post once a week. Oh well, really at this point I've only missed a week.

Nana came to visit from March 4-10! As always, the visit was far too short. I am always concerned that visitors won't feel at home when they come to visit us because we don't have a separate guest room. For now, guests sleep in the living room so they are at the waking mercy of the rest of the household, including Copper, who decides he likes earlier mornings when there is somebody sleeping on the couch. 

On her first day she arrived around lunchtime. On the way to the airport I asked Sophia what she would like for lunch. For the past 7 months or so the answer has been "pepperoni sandwich" though lately she's requested peanut butter and jelly a few times. Instead of her normal response, she said "Mickey Donald's!" which, if you didn't guess, is McDonald's. That's what I get for asking a 2-year-old. So we picked up Nana and went to McDonald's for lunch, a rare, exotic restaurant in the Midwest...

I had to work on Friday, which gave Nana some alone time with her sweet grandbabies. Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday were full of adventures to estate sales, outlet shopping, delicious desserts at Byerly's and Nadia Cakes, and a Mall of America visit (most importantly, the American Girl store). For your own personal reference, the cupcakes at Byerly's were, by far, the superior cupcakes. But Nadia Cakes does have fabulous cookie sandwiches, if you're into that kind of thing. No big estate sale purchases this time (for which Chris was glad; I sent him a picture of something I was interested in and his response was "Oh no, are you at an estate sale?") but Sophia did end up with a very cute stuffed lion holding a lion cub in its mouth, which she insists on sleeping with now. Along with 7 or 8 "pig bears".  And her Bitty Baby, Anna. And all 6 of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gang. In fact, there is little room left on the bed for Sophia, but I think she likes it that way.

Heidi discovered avocados this week. We had Chipotle for dinner one night and I got the vegetarian bowl with guacamole so I put some on Heidi's tray while we were eating and she DEVOURED it. When we were shopping at Costco Nana picked up a big bag of avocados for Heidi and she just absolutely loved them... as you can tell by the pictures below. Obviously her new favorite thing.

Sunday we went to Cosetta's, which normally, I love. And this time, I was not disappointed. I got a steak sandwich and it was delicious. There is a 'but', which we will get to shortly. We then went to Tea Source, this really fun little tea shop in St. Paul, and got some fun loose leaf teas to try at home.  Later that night, I had the second half of my sandwich for dinner from Cosetta's. Then... around 11 or midnight or so... the sandwich made a return visit. I ended up sick every 1-1.5 hours until about 7 a.m. It was pretty awful. I haven't felt that sick in a long long time. And poor Chris didn't get any sleep because of it. Needless to say, I am turned off of Cosetta's and any type of meat sandwich for a loooooooooong time. I will be having good old-fashioned PB&J or other options at work.

And it was kind of a bummer, because then I was knocked out the entire next day. It was a good thing in one way because Nana was there, so I was able to get the rest I needed. I felt kind of like a milk cow, as every couple of hours or so Mom would lay Heidi next to me so I could nurse her...but I was just too tired and wiped out to care. She did also get some ice for me and chop it up in the food processor so I could chew on ice chips later in the day.  It was a very long, bed-ridden icky day.  However, as food poisoning typically goes, I was bouncing back the next day (with a limited diet). Sophia that morning did not feel like eating breakfast, and every 5 minutes she kept running to the bathroom saying "I have to go potty!" Right away, that should have been a sign.  We went to the Mall that day, Nana's last day, for Toddler Tuesday. Nana and Sophia rode probably a majority of the rides in the theme park - Heidi took care of (read: tried to eat) Baby Anna while Sophia rode the rides - , and then we went to the American Girl Bistro for lunch. Seriously, it was the cutest restaurant I may have ever seen. Fruit was cut into flower shapes. Pink everywhere. There are chairs for the American Girl dolls/Bitty Babies to sit in. The doll gets a cup and saucer that goes home with you, and all of the napkin rings are little hair bows that can go home as well. SO CUTE. It was even better that Sophia got to eat for free as part of Toddler Tuesday. We ordered lunch, and Sophia again was not all that interested in eating. We encouraged her to eat (...duh. Never ever do this) and then when we were leaving she threw up all over herself. Poor girl. So we ran into the bathroom and I went shopping at the closest store with toddler clothes (at least we were in the Mall of America) to get a replacement outfit. She still had to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes. We dropped Nana off at the airport and went to the doctor because I was thinking she maybe had a UTI of some sort. The doc thinks that she had what I had... we still aren't sure exactly what it was but today Sophia is in tip top shape! So, poor Nana, her last two days here were spent taking care of sickies. But I still had a wonderful, albeit short, visit!

I believe Nana and Papa will be coming out again in early June, shortly after they visit Aunt Meghan and Uncle Stephen with the new Baby Claire (who is due May 5th)! We can't wait to see them again. Or to hear all about Baby Claire.