Monday, December 29, 2014

Just another kid post

Last night we got take out from Big Bowl ($5 bowl Sundays!). I prepared some pears and oatmeal for Heidi and we sat down to eat. I typically give her solid food just at dinner. In between a bite of food for myself I will give Heidi a bite of food. Last night I guess the pauses were too long because anytime I tried to grab a forkful she would pick up her spoon to eat (and actually did get it in her mouth!) or she would grab the bowl and it looked like she was trying to face plant into it. Miss Heidi was not going to wait to eat. She does love eating her solids.

Later that night after we had put Heidi to bed, we had just finished reading to Sophia. She gave Chris a hug goodnight and said "Daddy, you're my sweetheart". Anything you want, Sophia, is yours ;)

Friday, December 26, 2014

Sophia's Prayer

We pray nightly with Sophia when we put her to bed. The last couple of nights she has requested to pray herself first, then it is our turn. 

Tonight, this was her prayer:

"Dear Jesus,

Thank you for this day.
Thank you for the chance to see Oma and Papa today.
Thank you for my family.
Thank you for Mommy and Daddy.


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Mind of a Toddler

I keep forgetting to post about this but it was adorable.

About a week ago the girls were in bed and around 11 I heard Sophia wake up and cry a little bit. She sometimes wakes up and will cry a little but typically settles back down within a minute or two. That was the case this time so I didn't think anything of it. 

In the morning around 6 am I went in the room to get Heidi to feed her and I see a completely empty toddler stuffed animals or blankets or pillows or Sophia...and in a pile in front of the bed was a sleeping toddler in a mess of stuffed animals and bedding.

She woke up when I went to get Heidi so by the time I went back into her room she was laying on the naked mattress asleep. When I went back into the room it woke her again and in very pitiful, tearful voice she asked me to help her make her bed again.

I wish I had video of the undoing of the bed...

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Because she is 2...

Sophia threw up Friday late afternoon. I got the call from daycare as I was leaving work.

That was, fortunately, the only time she threw up but she did have a stuffy nose and a fever all night which finally broke Saturday morning. 

Now she really has no other symptoms but a runny nose. It has been running  quite a bit.

Last night she was playing in her bedroom as I was giving Heidi a bath and I looked back and see her with her face in the ground. I noticed she was rubbing her face back and forth and realized she was wiping her nose on the carpet (!).

I asked her what she was doing and she looked up at me with a slightly mischievous face and said "nofing...". I proceeded to remind her where the tissues were, less than 10 feet away from her current position, and explained that we don't wipe our noses on the carpet. Sigh. 

And Heidi must have caught whatever Sophia had. She had a fever of 102.5 last night. I gave her some Tylenol and she slept through the night. This morning, no fever. Praise God for taking care of my sick girls. Runny noses are manageable!

Last night Heidi was fussy, I'm sure just discomfort from the fever, and was screaming for a lot of the evening. At one point I was particularly stressed trying to clean the kitchen and get dinner going and worrying about the pile of laundry on the bed, which was not helped with Heidi's commentary. I walked out of the kitchen to find Sophia cleaning up all of the toys that were out on the living room floor, most of which were actually Heidi's. She wasn't asked to clean or anything, just did it. I almost cried. What a sweet and helpful girl I have, even if she does use unusual objects for tissues...

Monday, December 22, 2014

Like Mommy and Daddy

Sophia is often curious about our wedding rings and will ask to play with  them. I don't usually take mine off but will  explain to her that Mommy wears a ring to show how much she loves Daddy, and Daddy wears a ring to show how much he loves Mommy.

Last night we were at Oma and Papa's house and Papa gave Sophia a plastic Santa Claus ring. She was so excited to put it on her finger and once she did she declared proudly "I have a ring just like Mommy and Daddy!"

5 months

Heidi is 5 months old in 2 days and I can hardly believe it. She is such a smart, beautiful baby girl.

In a lot of ways she seems to take after her dad. She is a very serious baby, and while she does smile often she also looks very pensive often as well. I'll jokingly say that I have never seen such a serious baby. She seems like she is incredibly smart (not that I had doubts) and curious about everything. 

One of her favorite things to do now is blow raspberries and bubbles. She seems to think that this is how we communicate and she will smile and look very pleased with herself when she is spitting. With that comes her talking. She loves to chat with us and will get so enthusiastic that she screeches.

Lately she has been trying to propel herself forward when she rolls onto her tummy. Heidi is so active and curious, I am worried she will be an early crawler who is impossible to keep out of things. She is so strong that when she is  sitting in her bouncy chair she will crunch herself forward so she is sitting up (you can see in the picture). I am terrified she is going to flip forward out of that thing.

She absolutely loves eating solid food to the point where she is already less interested in breastfeeding. She has eaten rice cereal, oatmeal, carrots, peaches, and pears so far and has loved all of it. 

We often get compliments about what a sweet baby she is. She is more of a mom's girl than her sister was at this age and will look for me when she is handed to someone else. 

I was worried I would never be able to un-swaddle her at night because it seemed that was the only way she would  sleep through the night but she has been sleeping  without a blanket for the past 3 weeks now. I knew I had to remove the blanket when she started rolling with ease. I started by doing the one arm swaddle then moved to just wrapping her legs and now she sleeps with no blanket. Earlier this week she slept on her tummy for the first time through the night!

My gift from God, growing so  amazingly fast.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

The 'Stupid' Police

Toddlers are sponges.

The unfortunate  part of this is that not everybody has a toddler filter, including myself. 

When Sophia started saying "stupid" I explained to her that we don't say that word, and that there are consequences if we do say it. Instead, I explained, we say nice words.

This has turned Sophia into the 'Stupid' police. If ANYBODY says stupid, whether it's us or a stranger when we're out or someone on TV, Sophia instantly corrects them and says "We don't say stupid! We say NICE words!" And she will repeat  this sentiment until acknowledged. 

Well, at least she won't use the word...

Monday, December 15, 2014

Nana and Papa!

My parents came into town the day after Thanksgiving and spent two weeks with us. Of course, the time flew by ridiculously fast, as it always does.  They came into town in the evening and I picked them up on my way home from work. My Mom brought up the idea of celebrating a second Thanksgiving so that we could have leftovers. I LOVED the idea, because our leftovers were at Chris' parents house and not really accessible. Chris, who has never understood leftovers anyway, had a really difficult time grasping the concept of creating an overly large dinner expressly for the purpose of enjoying reheated food. I'm sure he'll learn.

It was the first time that my Dad had met Heidi, so that was really fun!  We spent a lot of time shopping, because there is little else you can do in the winter in Minnesota. Mall of America it is! I never get tired of going to the American Girl store with Sophia. She just loves to go in there and play with all of the babies. She will have the whole nursery running efficiently. She'll tuck some babies in to sleep in their cribs, and she'll be feeding others and have more still in strollers or car seats, and she'll flit in between them all like a little butterfly, taking care of all of them. She's going to be a wonderful mother someday, I think.

We managed to get a lot done around the house with my Dad's help. All of the decor is put up in the girls room, and some new shelves were added to the wall behind our dining room table so that I had somewhere to hang the stockings (that was the most upsetting thing so far about our new townhome - no mantle!!). We also got the garage arranged well enough that I am now able to park my car in there, which is just wonderful. Although today and this weekend I have not needed it. It is December 15th and 47 degrees right now in Minnesota...can you believe it? Because I can't.

My Mom and I spent a lot of time working together and Heidi's stocking for her house. She got a sugar plum fairy stocking, which I almost got for Heidi because it is terribly cute. I most definitely have a love-hate relationship with those felt applique projects. They always look so nice, you forget about the pain getting there. It was fun to have two people working on it though, the work was more enjoyable and went very fast. Plus, I learned how to do a chain stitch which always makes no sense at all when you  look at the picture instructions for how to do it.

The last time my Mom visited, which was sometime in September, we went apple picking and then after that to Minnesota's Largest Candy store, which brags over 100 different kinds of root beer and over 80 different kinds of licorice, and a 90 year old man (or something like that) making homemade pies, and all kinds of fun and exciting candies. So we thought it would be a really fun thing for my dad to see. We started the day out by going to a German market at Gast Haus. Chris and I have been meaning to go to this market for a while, so we went. It's in Stillwater so it is a little bit of a drive. We got all the way out there and it was kind of a bust. Cute, but very small and not as "German-y" as I was hoping it would be. Since that didn't work out, we thought it would be great fun to go to the candy store, which is much the opposite direction, but totally worth it. So on we trek. After over an hour of driving, we finally arrived! As we are driving up to the candy store, we see the sign out front on the marquee says simply "Closed". It was like a moment straight out of the movie Vacation, only we didn't decide to break in and ransack the candy store anyway. Apparently they run from July to November only (which seems like a lot of work for not a lot of open time... I mean, this place is HUGE) so we missed it by like 5 days. #fail

I feel like we spent a lot of time at Hobby Lobby too, but that is just one of those places where it is incredibly easy to spend hours and hours and hours and never actually accomplish anything. We looked at some wedding stuff for Meghan (3 weeks away now! Wow! And: It's a Girl!! Can't wait to meet Claire Marie Bennett!). I also decided that I am going to make a Jesse tree. I downloaded a pattern from Etsy, but I didn't love all of the devotions she had so I am also combining it with an advent devotion that Mom found. I have so far completed two ornaments and will post progress along the way... it'll be something that we do together next year, because I definitely won't have it done by Christmas.

Speaking of stores that you can get sucked into and never ever ever leave, we took a trip to Ikea as well, which is where I found my shelves ($2.00 apiece!!).  Every time I go to Ikea I wonder why I ever shop anywhere else... Note to self: They have awesome double sinks there, for some day in the future. They also have lots of kid toys. I found a stuffed moose for Heidi, and a cute little apron for Sophia. Nana and Papa found a bunch of toys for them as well, including some adorable little finger puppets and some food for Sophia's kitchen.

We celebrated an early Christmas with Nana and Papa here. Sophia just had a blast; she was given some fun Bitty Baby toys. She has currently decided that her Bitty Baby, along with almost every other stuffed animal, is named Anna (thank you, Frozen).  She had a fun time "making food" for baby with the new Bitty Baby food processor and feeding it to her in her new highchair. She also got this neat B-Toy orchestra that has a dozen different musical instruments and when you place an instrument in the center of the toy, it plays, and you can add up to 6 instruments to create your own little orchestral sound for different songs. Very cool. I have played with it as much as Sophia has. Heidi got some books and a giant Gund teddy bear, and the girls got a matching pajama set in hot pink fleece with cute little doggies on it.

On my last day with my parents (they left Friday, but I had to work) we went to the Minnesota Zoo. Sophia had been talking about going to the Zoo for weeks ("we see animals at the zoo?" almost every night when I put her to bed) so she was just thrilled.  I got to try out my double stroller (a Christmas gift for the girls from Chris' grandparents!! LOVE IT! How did I go for four months without one?). We saw the Tropical area and of course the Minnesota area. Sophia loves the wolves and the bears, but unfortunately the bears were hiding away hibernating. We hit up the gift shop at the end (because shopping, that's why) and my dad found an awesome hat with a moose head on it, which he ended up buying. Great souvenir. I shall post a picture of that as well.

Sidenote: My job is awesome. I really do love my job. I work 30 hours over 3 days during the week, so that means that I had 4 days off during the week (plus weekends of course) when my parents were here, and if I had had a normal job I would have had to take 4 vacation days for all of that time off.

Both girls met some big growth milestones while Nana and Papa were here. I would consider Sophia "potty trained" now. Over the past 2 weeks she consistently wore "big girl" underwear, and only had two accidents. She has been wearing them in public and everything now, and even napping without accidents. Last night she even stayed dry in her pull-up. Heidi has been rolling like a champ, and has been really loving her "solid" foods of rice cereal (and she had some butternut squash mixed in the other night too - and loved it).

It is always so hard when they leave, but we'll see them in less than 4 weeks at Meghan's wedding!

Crooked Pajamas

Sophia did not sleep well last night.

She has a pair of footie pajamas, and I think she likes to wear them because they are her only pair like it and the feet being covered is just kind of different and fun. That, and they have a zipper. She loves the zipper.

I put Heidi to bed around 8:00 last night, and then Sophia a little bit after around 8:30-8:45. Since we had my parents here recently we have adjusted to a later bedtime, so I thought tonight might take some time to settle down.

While working on ornament #2 for the Jesse tree, around 10:00, I hear some crying from Sophia. Maybe for about 30 seconds. It stopped, and so I assumed she went back to sleep. Then I hear the same crying again about 10-15 minutes later... and then again after that, maybe 4 or 5 times between 10 and 11.

I sneak into their room to see what's going on, and I see Sophia sitting up in bed, bed sheet and bed spread pulled out and in a knotted mess, mixed in with a furry mess of Mickey and Minnie mouses. She is in the middle of it all with her right arm hanging out of her pajamas, which were unzipped to her tummy. She just looks at me and says "Hi, Mommy". I respond with "Hi Sophia...what's going on?" She explained to me that she was stuck. The poor thing had decided to play around in her pajamas then couldn't get them on and it was keeping her awake.

Pajamas were fixed, but the bed was not salvageable. We sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and I threw some blankets on top of her with a mess of stuffed animals, and said goodnight. And Heidi stayed asleep the whole time.  I am very grateful for good sleepers.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sisterly Love

Sophia and Heidi generally don't bother each other when one of them wakes up in the night. Sometimes, though, Sophia will wake up but it seems like she isn't bothered by it.

On occasion I will walk into their bedroom and notice that the footstool to their chair is sitting right next to Heidi's crib because Sophia has moved it so she can look in and talk to her.

Two nights ago I heard a little squeak out of Heidi. I turned on the video monitor so I could surveil the room and I noticed some type of object in the crib. I looked closer and realized it was a Minnie Mouse doll. Sophia had placed one of her dolls in the crib to comfort her sister. I love these moments.