Tuesday, November 25, 2014

4 months!

We have an ongoing joke that Heidi is a very serious baby. This proved true at her 3 month pictures, where she smiled one time. Once. 

Yesterday my very serious girl turned 4 months old. I don't know that I've ever seen or heard of a baby with so much personality. She's so talkative and quite expressive.

She had her 4 month doctor appointment along with her shots on Monday. She did so well. They only reason she cried was because I had to "cut her off" of her eating to get the shots. The shots themselves hardly phased her. She continues to be tall and skinny, at 99+% for height and 50% for weight.

In terms of breastfeeding, I am 33% done! I know a lot of women really love breastfeeding, and it certainly is convenient, but I am always glad when the weaning age starts. I'm thinking about starting her on solids, maybe some oatmeal and sweet potatoes at the Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.

Love watching this girl grow! I thank God for my beautiful babies!

Sick :(

The whole household has a cold. Well, that's not entirely true: Copper is safe so far.

Sophia tends to get really bad mucous buildup in her little nose, and because her nose is tender she hates having it wiped which creates a vicious cycle.

It is the first time Heidi has been sick. It is absolutely terrible to hear a baby coughing.

They are sharing a room now, each girl coughing in turn and almost waking her sister.

Sophia woke Heidi with her coughing a little earlier. Just now I heard Heidi coughing so I turned up the volume on the video monitor and watched to make sure everything seemed ok. She must have half-woken Sophia because in the background I hear a very groggy two-year-old voice say "I want cereal". Cute.

Hopefully these colds end soon! Nana and Papa are coming on Friday so we want health!

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Today was really the first time that Sophia and Heidi have interacted when playing. Of course, Sophia has held Heidi and done "check-ups" on her, and Heidi was smiled at or talked at Sophia, but today seemed different. I really had a lot of fun watching them.

Sophia really enjoys Doc McStuffins. She keeps her Halloween costume with her other doctor kit stuff and she will wear the coat and give a full check-up, going through every item in the kit. She started by listening to my heartbeat today. She fixed my ear, put a bandaid on me, checked my eyes, checked my blood pressure, and pulled a splinter from my finger. I started to sing the "I feel better" song from Doc McStuffins about halfway through my check-up and Sophia stopped me, saying "you're not better yet," because she wasn't quite done.

Then she moved on to Heidi. Heidi was smiling at her and trying to play with the doctor toys, too. When she was on the floor on her tummy, she was reaching out to grab the doctor kit and Sophia was instructing her about playing with it.

Then Sophia wanted to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I typically allow her to watch one episode of a TV show before nap time. I turned on Mickey Mouse and Sophia made sure that Heidi had a blanket on and that the blanket covered her toes. Then she snuggled up next to Heidi and shared the blanket with her. Heidi kept rolling on her side towards Sophia and grabbing her jacket or her arm.

After Mickey Mouse, Sophia went down for her nap and I set Heidi in the pack n play. She was so tired from playing with her older sister that she just conked out, which is a rare thing for Heidi. She moved into all kinds of goofy positions in her sleep...as you can see below.

I just had a blast watching these two girlies be sisters. I'm looking forward to more!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


We moved into our townhome about 2 weeks ago. A new place means a new set of rules for Sophia.

For example, we have a new toy chest, so we put one activity away before pulling out a new one.

Our townhome is on the ground floor, all one level. One evening, Sophia had been having fun watching the snowfall through the window. I gave her a bath after dinner, and she went back to watching the window.

I went into the bathroom again to give Heidi her bath. Chris came out of the bedroom and as he was walking down the hallway said "why is it so cold?"

Uh oh.

Sophia had unlocked the back door and marched her little self outside to play. In 15 degree weather. In the snow. In her pajamas. With wet hair. And bare feet.

Chris and I (naturally) freaked out and told her to get back inside!

Poor Sophia. She is a very sweet girl and when she gets in trouble for something she didn't know was wrong she tends to get very upset. She just started BAWLING! We had to explain gently that we have to ask mommy or daddy every time we go outside... yikes. All I'm picturing is frostbite or a missing child. Needless to say, we put a child-proofing device on the doorknob after that.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Energizer Bunny

We moves last weekend. I will post pictures once I am no longer swimming in cardboard boxes.

I don't like to have things hanging over my head. That is probably my primary motivation for working hard on things like moving. When I undertake a project, I typically focus obsessively until it's done.

Which is why Heidi's stocking took a week.

Which is why I read books in 2-3 days.

Moving is no different. I woke up Saturday morning to take my first load over at around 7 a.m., and worked like crazy the rest of the day. Chris and his sad said I was a "slave driver". They'd come back to get another load and the crib was taken apart and downstairs, with a pile of other stuff by the door.

By Sunday I had almost all of our boxes broken down and things in their proper places. I just can't handle slow moves and big messes. There is too much to be done!

It is amazing just how much junk is accumulated. I remember as we were packing up our townhome I felt like I was just throwing things away like crazy. I have been doing the same thing again this time. Sometimes I unpack things and wonder what on earth I was thinking when I bothered to save it for a year in storage.

I was also very specific about things in boxes. For example, I didn't just write "kitchen", but I'd write "Coffee mugs, small plates, cheese grater" etc. One such item written on a box was "Jesus poster". It was a poster detailing the genealogy of Christ. Chris was quite adamant about saving this poster, though it spent years sitting behind the bookcase not really doing much...

So... when I packed it, I naturally wrote "Jesus poster" on the box. As we were unpacking last weekend, Chris starts to tease me for being so specific. I show him the poster I was talking about and remind him how he would not let me get rid of it and the next phrase out of his mouth was "oh that poster?  Yeah, you can get rid of that. I have that information on Logos [Bible software]."  I almost lost it.

The girls adjusted well to the move. We spent the night here Saturday night. Their beds were put together and that was about it... Chris and I slept on a bare mattress with only the mattress cover on it. No pillows. They hadn't been discovered yet. Heidi slept straight through the night for a couple nights,  even through Sophia waking up crying around 3 or 4 a.m. 2 nights in a row.  Then Heidi woke up around 4 the last 2 nights and Sophia slept right through it. They seem to have a good system of ignoring each other's crying.

Copper has not adjusted well. We have people living above us now and the noise of people walking above him drives him bananas. He will go frantically barking at nothing but a sound as if there is an armed robber threatening to take away his treats for the rest of his little life. He'll adapt...it's just a painful process.

Today I got a cube storage shelf from Ikea for toys and it is a life changer. Previously,  for this past week, everything has been piled in a corner in the living room. I was tired of living in a Hoarders episode.

And now I am just down to the final touches of hanging things up. Once that is done I will post some home pictures! For now I'll just put some pictures of cute kids enjoying their new home on here.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cheap Eats

Yes, cooking at home is much better for you and much cheaper.

However, sometimes you just don't feel like cooking. For example, every Wednesday I work until 6:00 pm and so often I am not home until 7. With a toddler and an infant at home, cooking is not going to happen.

But eating out typically costs 15-20$ per meal (for 2) at the CHEAP places, and much more if we went to a sit down.

I have made it my goal to find at least 5 options for us to get a to-go dinner for 10$ or less. Generally Sophia shares off of our dinner still, which definitely helps thr cost... here goes.

1. Papa Murphy's. They have online coupons, and text me a 10$ pizza deal every Tuesday. Also along those pizza lines, Savoy pizza (in my area) does a 10$ pizza for take home on Mondays, Byerly's has delicious bake-at-home pizza in their deli, and if it is convenient Costco also has very inexpensive bake-at-home pizza.

2. Subway 5$ footlong. This is sketchy, because if you don't like the special that month you are out of luck (I think it is meatball marinara right now...eww.)

3. Depends on how you feel about McDonald's... but if you give each person 5$ and let them have a go at the dollar menu it turns out okay. Of course, not everybody likes good ol' McDonald's.  Same goes for Wendy's or Arby's or Taco Bell. I think I could never convince Chris of this as a valid option for dinner but it works for me! Sophia and I will eat there for under 5$ for the two of us.

4. Wanting good comfort food? Panera, Bruegger's, or Einstein Bagels. A bagel with cream cheese is not around $2.50

5. Store delis are often a great option. Target has yummy salads for around 5$, as well as sandwiches for the same price. Byerly's also has good inexpensive options, including a daily special for 5$.

6. Back to the Costco idea, their food is very inexpensive. Hotdog and soda for $1.50, or they even have salads, sandwiches, wraps, pizza slices, and frozen yogurt. I believe the most expensive item is a 5$ sandwich.

7. On Sundays, Big Bowl in Byerly's has 5$ single entree bowls

8. TBD ;)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Guilt-Ridden Reminder

Life is hectic, isn't it?  I have to admit, now that I have two children I have sincere admiration for and am in awe of mothers with more than two children. Actually, I'm in awe of mothers who have two children and seem to have "it" together, whatever the "it" is.

This past week especially I have been delegating more of my usual duties to Chris. Typically I will get Sophia bathed and in pajamas, and then she will watch an episode of mickey mouse while I bathe and prepare Heidi for bed. Then we will read, pray, and sing to Sophia and get her all tucked in before I feed Heidi her last "fill-up" and get her tucked in.

There have been a lot of late nights and sick nights this week. Halloween night I had mastitis and went to bed early, leaving Chris to do Sophia's night time routine. Then we were out late Saturday so we again split bed duties. Monday I went to bed still not feeling great, so Chris did the reading and singing.  Tuesday night Chris got home late from class but I had an event at church with the ladies so he again ended up with the "singing" duties. Last night, Heidi was not going to let me sing and during prayer time she verbalized just how unhappy she was that she was not yet eating, so again I didn't sing with Sophia.

Long story short, I don't know that there was really a typical night this week.

So tonight, we are in there putting Sophia to bed. Heidi was already asleep, and Chris had started reading. I came in the room in time to read devotions, tonight it was Moses parting the sea, and then pray. After prayer, Sophia announced that she wanted Daddy to sing to her tonight because Mommy is "too busy". I think a piece of me died from sadness at that. I felt indescribably terrible that my daughter's impression of this week was that I was too busy for her. Ouch. Right in the gut.

Chris sang to Sophia and then suggested that I go up and sing to her as well. I crept upstairs and asked Sophia if I could sing with her. She said "yes, two songs". I ended up singing The Wheels on the Bus 5 or 6 times, with motions, Itsy Bitsy Spider ("I don't like bugs"), Jesus Loves Me, and Jesus Loves  the Little Children. And then Wheels on the Bus one more time. Then we sat in there talking about our day today, her friend at daycare tomorrow, our friends Boo and her mommy who we will miss when they move, Eric and Erica who we saw today, and we talked about Uncle Dan, Papa, Stephen, and Daddy being boys while Mommy, Sophia, Oma, Nana, Meghan and Heidi are girls. Then kisses and goodnight. She gaves lots of hugs with "I love you, Mommy" and "I miss you, Mommy" attached.

As I was leaving the room, she warned me "hold onto the railing, Mommy!" And "be careful, Mommy!" And "don't hit your head, Mommy!"

I probably spent about 45 minutes in there saying goodnight to Sophia, but it was easily the best 45 minutes I spent today. The extra few minutes spent saying goodnight to my sweet girl are more valuable than anything else, and something I need to be careful not to neglect or take for granted.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Keep your rabbit foot, I've got Heidi

We have an ongoing joke that Heidi is a good luck charm for Arsenal. She is at The Local with us for all of the Arsenal games and every time I start breastfeeding, as soon as I can't jump up and celebrate, they score.

Tonight, we were having a goodbye party for a couple in our small group who is moving to Virginia. We met for a delicious gourmet dinner at Chick-fil-A and then went bowling.

I have not bowled for probably 7 or 8 years. Chris and I have never actually bowled together. So it's been a long time.

That's going to be my excuse for how poorly I played, and I'm sticking to it.

So I went for three straight frames in the first game with gutter balls. 6 gutter balls in a row. Then Heidi wanted to eat. I started nursing her and my turn eventually came around. I was going to ask someone to bowl for me but I figured it couldn't actually get any worse than it was...so I bowled while I was feeding her. And I got a strike.

Is there an award for most impressive display of obscure and useless talent? Because I think I won first place.