Saturday, August 30, 2014

Baby #2

Some small part of me was worried about having a second baby because I thought to myself, how can I love another child as much as I love Sophia? And then the instant she is laid on my chest after her birth it just happened. It is amazing how much love parents have for their children,  and how quickly it happens. What a beautiful picture of God's love for his creation.

I also wondered if some of it would be old hat. I've already been through these baby stages before. But it's almost like being a first time parent all over again with Heidi. My heart absolutely melts when she looks at me and smiles that sweet toothless smile. It's amazing to watch her grow and change. She looks different daily! And she is so different from her sister. What a wonderful thing babies are.

Also... I remember how much I love baby swings. I don't think Heidi would nap without one sometimes.


Update 7/16/18
Sophia: You didn't remember that I like spaghetti? You probably don't remember because you're pregnant.

Update 7/6/18
Sophia: Remember when I was little and my favorite food was Pinocchio?

Umm... This took a minute. She meant gnocchi!

Update 4/11/2018
Sophia prayed last night. Chris is out of town at a conference. She prayed for probably a good 3-4 minutes. Here are some highlights.
Sophia: "I pray that Copper would worship and love you in dog ways." :I pray you could help me just miss Daddy without crying." "I pray that I can be a missionary and tell people about Jesus." "I pray for people who know Jesus but think He isn't God, to know that Jesus is God."

Update 3/31/18
Sophia (speaking about the "fruits of the spirit" and kindness): Of course oranges are like that. Except for when they splurt you in the eyeball.

Update 3/30/18
Sophia (when I asked her to help me find Heidi): I know this church like the back of my hand!

Sophia (when we got ice cream after Good Friday service): I just gotta tell you guys. Ice cream is not ice cream without a waffle cone.

Update 3/12/18
I was playing worship music and there is a line about God making the world with His hands.
Sophia: That's not true. God doesn't have hands. He just spoke and it was created.

...and so begins theological issues with songs. I had to explain that we use those words to attribute characteristics to God what we understand. It was kind of a funny conversation.

Update 1/20/18
Sophia (making a strange-shaped pancake): Do you like this pancake Mom?
Me: Yes. What is it!?
Sophia: I'm going to say... it's an abstract pancake.

Update 1/18/18
We were watching "Spirit" (as always) and there was an episode with a natural disaster and one of the horses was almost hit by a tree. Sophia explained very matter-of-factly to Erica...
Sophia: ...That's why we always keep our horses inside.

Update 1/17/18
Sophia: Can I babysit Heidi and Bethany? I know how to take care of them and put them down for naps and I can take care of it if there's blood!

Uhhmmm.... Well that escalated quickly!

Update 12/14/17
Sophia loves to be my "kitty." "Mom, pretend I'm your baby kitty" is a phrase that I hear about daily.
Sophia: Wait don't play yet! I have to go potty. Pretend I'm going in my glitter box. 

Update 11/20/17
Sophia has been curious, many times with the pregnancies I and other friends have had, where babies come from. She has asked how they come out ("God provides a place for the babies, they leave through the birth canal" "but where is the birth canal?") and how they get there in the first place ("when there is a Mommy and a Daddy together, they can have a baby") but she's getting older now, and her questions are getting more curious.

Sophia: How do animals get married?
Me: Well, they don't. God gave marriage as a special gift to people.
Sophia: How do animals have babies if they don't get married?
Me: *Please send me a squirrel of some kind, Lord!* Well, um, they... God made animals and people different.

I'm not going to be able to put off these talks forever, am I?

Update 11/19/17
Sophia: Mommy, what would you do without us?
Me: I just don't know.
Sophia: Mommy, if you didn't have kids you'd probably just read books all the time and be really bored.

Update 11/15/17
We were driving down the road at night, and two deer crossed the road in front of us.

Sophia: It would not be nice to go, "Oh, I don't care." And run over them.

You're very right, Sophia. That would not be nice at all.

Update 10/19/17
Heidi was brushing my hair, and Daddy walked into the room.
Daddy: When is my turn?
Sophia: Well, you don't really have any hair...
Sophia: But I can give you a hug!

Update 10/11/17
Detour blocking the road on our way home from small group tonight. 

Sophia: Is this the way home? Where are we going? 
Chris (following detour): I'm not sure. I'm not all that confident. 
Sophia: I wish Mommy was driving 

Update 8/27/17
Sophia (talking to Heidi): Do you want to go to jail, Heidi? There's no stuffed animals. There's no snacks. There's no food except what they give you at certain times. There's no Pooh Bear. There's just one small room and a toilet and then you die.

(Heidi didn't want to buckle up in the car... this was the conversation that followed. I would LOVE to know where Sophia got all of her information about "jail".)

Update 7/6/17
Sophia: You had three email babies, right mom?
(She meant "female")

Update 7/1/17
Sophia (after lifting a 6 pound weight ball): I just earned another muscle! Or two!

Update 6/23/17
Erica and her sister, mom, and nephews came by for a visit. Sophia had this serious conversation...
Sophia: Well, I'm going to get married but I'll look for a good kisser
Erica: How will you know he's a good kisser?
Sophia: He will have good lips.

Update 6/11/17
Sophia often says "what" instead of "that" and I love it. For example, "you know the flowers what we have in the yard?" or "you know the swing what Heidi sits in?" 

Update 6/1/17
Sophia: Who doesn't like coffee?
Chris: Sophia, did you know Pastor does not like coffee?
Sophia: Yeah I know. That's so weird. Who can not like coffee in this world? It's so good!

Update 5/27/17
We were in the car with my Mom and she had "Bennie and the Jets" playing on a playlist.
Sophia's version: B-B-B-Bunny in a dress...

Update 5/25/17
Chris (*telling a story*): they grilled her...
Sophia: You mean they ate her!?!??

Update 5/21/17
*At the dinner table, Sophia was talking about Pooh Bear, who Heidi was holding*
Sophia: I see his butt
Heidi: Don't Sophie that's potty talk
Sophia: I see a round yellow thing

Update 5/18/17
Sophia: *Holding a devotional story Bible at dinner time* Can we read this Daddy?
Chris: Yes later tonight.
Sophia: No, can we read this!
Chris: Oh for our devotion at dinner? Yes, Daddy is a little slow.
Sophia: Yes, but so handsome!

Update 5/12/17
Sarah C.: Sophie, how much do you like eggs?
Sophia: a hundred and fifty thousand

Update 5/3/17
Sophia: Guess what? Mrs. VerWay tried to get me to take a nap when I was already five.
(She had stayed at the VerWays house. The DAY after her 5th birthday.)

Update 4/25/17
Sophia: God is my favorite thing. And after that Chinese food.
Chris: What about your parents?
Sophia: Oh yeah. You guys too. 

Update 4/19/17
Sophia: I'm going to be a big mom. And I'm going to name all the girls Marla and all the boys.... Junior? In case  I have girls and boys. Or maybe I think I will name all the kids Daniel Tiger. 

Update 4/18/17
Sophia: What does it say?
Me: Jesus loves me this I know
Sophia: If you wrote at the top part you could have fit the whole song...

Update 3/26/17
Sitting at the dinner table, eating pork shoulder.
Chris: The pork shoulder turned out really well...
Me: Normally he calls it pork butt
Lynn: Or, "bum," as Sophia would say.
Sophia: *absentmindedly* vagina, bum...

She continued on but we were laughing so hard we were crying. She just heard anatomy and started naming other anatomy. At the dinner table.

Update 3/25/17
Sophia found a penny, picked it up with a sense of awe and amazement.
Sophia: MOM! Oh  my gosh. We HAVE to save this penny. We have to show Daddy.
Me: What? Why?
Sophia: It has ARSENAL!

She had found a penny with a shield on it, which looks like the Arsenal logo... and was SO excited.

Update 3/21/17
Sophia: When is Emily going to get married?
Me: When God gives her a husband
Sophia: But what will she do with school?
Me: Well, she might be done with school, but you can go to school and be married.
Sophia: But what will she do with the baby when she's in school?
(Sophia believes that babies come right away after marriage!)
Me: Well, I think she'd have to be married before she'd worry about what to do with the baby.
Sophia: Does she have a boyfriend?
Me: Not right now really, no.
Sophia: Yes, she does. She has Andrew.

Update 3/15/17
*Sophia saying bedtime prayers*
Sophia: Dear Lord, thank you for this day and your many blessings and thank you for our friends and I pray for Erica to have a baby. Open up the "room" [womb] for Erica. Amen. And thank you for my family very much. Amen. 

Update 3/15/17
Sophia: I am a dragon. ROAAARRRR
Me: I thought you were in the Lion Guard. There aren't any dragons in the Lion Guard.
Sophia: There are now. And I have pink fur. 

Update 3/15/17
Sophia: What was Jesus for Halloween?
Me: Jesus didn't celebrate Halloween. It wasn't even around when he was alive.
Sophia: Well maybe we should sew him a costume for when we get to Heaven.
Me: Oh? And what do you think Jesus would be?
Sophia: A cat.
Update 3/15/17
Sophia and Heidi come out of their bedroom at 9:15 because Sophia has to go potty.
Heidi: Sophie! You go potty, you get candy!
Sophia: No, I don't get candy because I already know how to go potty.
Sophia: Heidi! Don't wipe me I can wipe myself!

Chris and I just exchanged glances... 

Update 12/30/16
Sophia the loquacious was speaking to Siri on Mom's phone asking it to turn on Mickey Mouse but in a very wordy way. Siri responded, "I'm sorry, I can't take in all of those words!"

Update 12/18/16
Sophia: Mom, I only have two pairs of pajamas left so you better do my laundry tomorrow.
Me: Well, I guess tomorrow you'll be learning how to wash your own clothes.
Sophia: Why? I just tell you when I need clothes and you wash them for me.

Yes, that is exactly why. Good job. We covered sorting and how to use the machine. Next we'll cover folding.

Update 12/17/16
Sophia: great Nana? The really really really old one? She has crumbly cheeks a little bit [wrinkly]? I love her. Is she coming for Christmas? 

As she said the cheek part she was running her fingers along her cheeks which is how I knew she meant wrinkly. I was laughing and "aww-ing" at the same time.

Update 12/12/16
(Sophia playing with baby Anna)
Sophia: Now I have to go to work
Me: What do you do for work?
Sophia: Oh, I work on projects. And go to the donut shop.

Update 12/11/16
*sees Pastor shoveling snow*
Sophia: Mom, why is Pastor shoveling snow? He's supposed to be helping people worship God!

Update 12/11/16
*listening to Galkin CD in the car*

Sophia: Mom, is this the guy with the lights [laser pointer] or the guy with the balloons [Thad Yessa]? 
Me: the guy with the lights.
Sophia: No! I know it's the balloon guy. I've heard him play this on his Qatar [guitar]! 

Update 11/20/16
Me: Sophia, you're going to have so much fun tomorrow.
Sophia: Where am I going?
Me: Miss Sherri's house. And Elli is home all week because she doesn't have school.
Sophia: Yay!
Me: And Andrew is home too!
Sophia: Not Andrew!
Me: You like Andrew!
Sophia: I mean, I like Andrew. And I love Andrew. And I want to marry him. But sometimes he interrupts me and Elli. 

Update 11/19/16
Sophia: I didn't take a nap today
Dan: You're going to be grumpy tonight
Sophia: NO I'M NOT!
Dan: See? You're being grumpy.
Sophia: If you say I'm going to be grumpy, I'm going to be grumpy! If you say I'm going to be happy, I'm going to be happy!

Update 11/18/16
 I drew a picture of Heidi on the chalkboard wall. Well, a stick figure.
Sophia: Mommy, I learned....that you can't draw people.

Update 11/17/16
Papa had to get a colonoscopy so he was doing the diet for it and couldn't have dinner.
We made "breakfast dinner" and Sophia said: "Papa, don't worry, it's yucky dinner. Well, it's not really yucky dinner but I'm just telling you that so you don't want to eat it."

 Update 11/8/16
Sophia: I have good news and bad news about dying.
Me: Tell me.
Sophia: Well, you die. That's the bad news.  You get to spend time playing in Heaven and see God. That's good. 

Update 11/2/16
Sophia is overtired tonight. She is in her bedroom crying and saying "...and I didn't get to watch a movie and I didn't get more candy and all I want is to get my way and I'm NOOOOOOOTTTT!!!"

Update 10/30/16
There is only one boy in church and I wish there were two boys so I could pick who to marry.

Update 10/22/16
Sophia has been going through a phase where she is a "cheetah". She really likes Fuli on the Lion Guard Disney show and has asked me to call her "Sophie Fuli". When she was staying with Katie on Friday, she told Katie: "I like to play that I'm a cat. Well, actually half cat. 'Cause I'm a cheetah."

Update 10/8/16
Sophia: I love Christmas. It's about giving gifts to people what they don't need and celebrating Jesus' birthday! Right, Mommy?

Update 10/6/16
Sophia (peeking her head in my bedroom while I'm putting Bethany to bed): I'm glad you're okay mom. I just wanted to check on you. 

Update 9/20/16
I told Sophia we would make banana bread this afternoon.

Sophia: Mom, are we making banana bread? Because I didn't like bikini bread. 

(Bikini bread = zucchini bread)

Update 9/20/16
Sophia comes running downstairs holding her toothbrush and Heidi's toothbrush. Her toothbrush is adult sized and Heidi's is toddler sized.
Sophia: Mom, look at these toothbrushes. It's a good thing mine is bigger because it looks like I'm a grown-up. 

Did I mention that this "grown-up" ran downstairs stark naked, covering herself only with a hooded towel sitting on her head? Yeah. 

Update 9/17/16
Sophia recently got sick. 
She was talking to Papa about it, who was telling her about the good parts of being sick (resting, watching TV, gatorade) and she says... 
Sophia: you know what's bad about being sick? It's gross. 

Update 9/12/16
Sophia (talking to Bethany): this is my mommy, mama, her name is Katie. But you can call her Alice. 

Update 9/10/16
Sophia (while we are watching an Arsenal game together): Daddy, why are you wearing an Arsenal shirt? You aren't playing...

Update 9/2/16
We went looking at some houses today with the girls. Bethany slept the whole time (2 hours) in her seat while we looked at 5 houses.
Me (to Bethany): You did such a good job today!
Sophia: Mom, she can't do anything. She can just do tummy time and sleep and eat. How can she do a good job?

Update 8/31/16
Sophia (talking to the baby while in the bathroom): And this is how you go potty. You take down your pants and underwear, and then you sit on the potty, and you let your potty go...

Update 8/28/16
Sophia: And then when I'm older Andrew can be my boyfriend. But I don't know if I am going to marry him. Mom, I just don't know who I am going to marry!

Update 8/26/16
Me (to "Bethany"): say hi to Sophia!
Sophia: Mom, babies can't talk.

Update 8/23/16
Sophia went on a "jog" with Daddy for a few minutes. She fell and scraped her knee and arm up a bit. 

Sophia (crying): I can't live like this anymore!!!

Update 8/11/16
Sophia: mom, can we watch Thomas and Jerry?

So formal!

Update 7/28/16
Sophia *coming into my bedroom at 10:20 pm*: Mom, Heidi is out of bed. 

...and you are a hologram?

Update 7/11/16
Sophia: White isn't really a color. It's just a coloring page.

She said this to me while describing the colors of her pink and white cereal bowl. 

Update 7/5/16
Sophia had a cut with a scab on her toe, perhaps half the size of a dime. I put some neosporin and a band-aid on it.  She bumped her toe and the scab come off in the band-aid, and she started bleeding through the band-aid. Sophia looked down and saw the blood, and started screaming/crying.
Me: What's wrong?
Me: Sophia, it's ok. I'll wash it and fix it.

Update 7/3/16
Sophia and Heidi were playing in the kiddie pool pretty much all afternoon.
Sophia got some water up her nose.
Me: Got water up your nose again, Soph?
Sophia: Yes. It's ok. Just leave me alone for a minute. 

Update 6/5/16
I was sitting on the couch reading while Heidi was napping. Sophia was up with me playing with her Pet Shop toy. She picked up her Bible and came to me and said: "oh! I know! I will read to the baby in your tummy because she would like that!"

Update 5/2/16
Me: Sophia, you can have whatever you want for dinner today! Let me know what you want and I can pick it up for you.
Sophia: Even breakfast?!?!?
Me: Yes, even breakfast. You can have pancakes, raspberries, strawberries, you just think about it and we'll get it for dinner.
Sophia: I want raspberries! Mom do you know which ones raspberries are? They are red and they have a hole in them so you can put them on your finger and they turn your finger red. And they look spiky but they aren't spiky. And you can eat them off your finger.

Update 4/19/16
Sophia: *sneezes* I think I have a ha-choo problem.

Update 4/10/16
Me: Sophia, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Sophia: Umm... I want to stay up later and eat food like you and Daddy do. 

Wow. Has she got us pegged.

Update 4/3/16
Sophia (standing on the bathroom scale): Hmm. That means my feet are 55 inches.

Update 3/28/16
Sophia: Mom, can I take an air dry?
(Explanation: One of Sophia's favorite things to do after a bath is "air dry". She lay her towel out on her bedroom floor and lay flat on it, like one might do at the beach on a sunny day.)

Update 3/27/16
Sophia can running into our bedroom with her Easter basket on her head and said "Guys! Look! I'm candy!"

Update II 3/23/16
Sophia was doing "homework" and ripped a paper. She said "Upsilon!" (Greek letter 'u'). It does sound like "Oops" at first!

Update 3/23/16
Sophia: my poop looks like bananas! Look, Mom! There's a baby banana and a mommy banana. 

Update 3/17/16
Sophia: Mom, can I have some ate-or-gade? 
(After she was sick I was allowing her to sip Gatorade; this is what she calls it.)

Update 3/16/16
Me (to Chris): I believe in you!
Sophia (to Chris and me): I don't. I only believe in God, because we just believe in God. You were teasing, right Mommy?

Update 2/25/16
 Sophia had thrown up earlier in the day. At night, she was telling me all about how much she dislikes throwing up, and how she has to new a grow stomach whenever she throws up and how that works.
"First you take a drop of oil, and then some flour, and salt and pepper and mix it all up, and then bake it. And then it goes in my, umm, right here *points to stomach* and it grows up to here *points moving from stomach up to throat* and then its a new tummy!" 

Update 2/22/16
Chris shaved this morning before he left for work. I didn't recognize him! But the girls didn't see him before he left so the first time they saw him was when he picked them up today.
When I walked in the front door after work Sophia pointed at Chris and said, "Mommy! That is your husband!" Clearly she was worried about whether or not I'd recognize him :)

Update 2/21/16
During the pastoral prayer in service Sunday morning, Sophia leaned over and whispered in my ear, "why does Pastor pray for a really berry berry berry berry long time?"

Update 2/17/16
Sophia comes streaking out of her room buck naked, running towards me and holding a pair of footie pajamas. 

Sophia: you washed my footie tajamas! Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Thank you, Mommy!

The she gives me a naked little hug and runs back to her room to get her 'tajamas' on.

Update 2/12/16
Sophia: Daddy, I will learn you a lesson. I will teach you how to snore. Sophie and Heidi and Mommy know how to snore (*shows Chris a fake mouth-open snore*) and this is how you snore with your mouth closed (*demonstrates Chris snoring*). Now you try Daddy. 
Chris: *fake snores*
Sophia: good job, Daddy! *while patting Chris on the back*

Update 2/9/16
Sophia, fascinated with her future sibling in "mommy's tummy" regaled me with her fascinating description of her own birth this evening. It was about 6 or 7 minutes long but here is a highlight.
Sophia:...and then you and Daddy were sleeping in bed and then I comed out and Daddy woked up and said what is this? "Aww! There's a baby!" And then Mommy waked up and said "My precious little girl" and then Mommy said "What is her name? I know! Sophie! That's a great name, it's swell!"... 

Update 2/7/16
We were sitting at dinner and all of us were coughing with a cold. Sophia announced that she was going to pray for God to heal us. She proceeded to pray, and during the prayer said "please heal mommy and daddy and Heidi and me and the baby in Mommy's tummy because the baby in Mommy's tummy is sick" at this, Chris and I made eye contact and Chris did a small chuckle, because it was just too precious. Sophia, misinterpreting the chuckle, looked at Chris and whispered, "I'm not kidding, Daddy. Mommy has a baby in her tummy. She really does." And the continued to pray.  

Update 1/15/16
Sophia (talking to Emily VerWay): Wanna know how I exercise? I lay on the floor and don't do anything.

Update 1/5/16
Sophia: mom, is God a man or a woman?

Update 1/5/16
Chris: Sophia, can you pick up that popcorn bag?
Sophia: that's not a popcorn bag.
Chris: what is it?
Sophia: a bag
Chris: what kind of bag?
Sophia: popcorn

Update 1/1/16
Sophia: if you don't love Jesus, when you die you go to health 

Update 12/21/15
(Mom and I had gone to see Star Wars the night before and got home after 11 pm)
Sophia: mommy, did you know you and Nana didn't give me a kiss last night?
Me: I know sweetie; not before bed but we did before we left 
Chris: who didn't give you a kiss? 
Sophia (pointing at Nana and myself with two fingers): THESE TWO!

Update 12/20/15
(Sophia crying when Mom and I were leaving to see Star Wars)
Sophia: I just wanted to come with you so I could kill spiders for you!!! 

Update 12/13/15
We were at Oma and Papa's house and Sophia and Heidi were having kid cuisine for dinner (kid frozen meals). Sophia's came with a brownie. She went for the brownie first and was eating it. Papa told her to eat her dinner first before the brownie. Sophia responded...
Sophia: I need to eat my brownie first before people starve me and make me eat other foods!

Update 12/12/15
We have moved Heidi into a "big bed" because she learned how to crawl out of her crib. This means at naptime there is a lot more NOT napping, more playing. Chris went into the bedroom to tell them to settle down and...
Chris: Sophia, you are the bigger one. You need to show your sister how to...
Sophia: awesome?
Without even a thought. She was very quick on her feet. 

Update 12/8/15
We had dinner with Oma at the Mall of America yesterday. She was giving Sophia a kiss and hug goodbye in the car when...
Sophia: Oma, when are you going to have babies?
Oma: ...I already did have babies. One is your dad!
Sophia: Oh. Well, when are you going to have more babies?

Update 12/3/15
Heidi and Sophia were sitting on Sophia's bed together before naptime. Sophia was playing with Baby Anna (Bitty Baby) and Heidi asked if she could play with her. Sophia let her. Then...
Me: Say thank you to Sophia, Heidi, for letting you play with the dolly.
Sophia: Her's not a doll. Her's a kid.

Update 11/29/15
Sophia was trying to stall going to bed and was giving us instructions...
Sophia: Can you guys talk a little bit quieter at night sometimes? Because it keeps us up and it hurts our ears and it makes our eyes stay open.
(Sometimes when we watch movies at night they are audible in the girls' room. She has come out of her room before and instructed us to turn it down).

Update 11/26/15
Daddy was all dressed up to go biking for a short ride this morning, and it was cold and snowing out.
Me: What is Daddy doing, Sophia?
Sophia: He's being crazy!

Update 11/23/15
Sophia: ...And if we see a polar bear, we can stop the car and we can ride it.
Me: We are going to ride a polar bear? How are you going to do that?
Sophia: By holding onto its neck. Or maybe its ears.
Me: Oh, I see. Well, what if it tries to eat me?
Sophia: It won't try to eat you. And if it does, we can just talk to it and say "polar bear, can you please not eat us?" and then they won't because they are friendly

Update 11/22/15
Sophia: Can you help my bottom? Air just came out of my bottom. 

Update 11/11/15
Sophia: Daddy! Daddy! Can you come here? Daddy, I have a favor for you.
Chris (walking from our bedroom to Sophia at the front door): What is it sweetie?
Sophia (pointing at the floor): Daddy, can you clean up all these leaves mess?

Update 11/10/15
While eating a fortune cookie...
Sophia: this cookie has trash in it!!

Update 11/2/15
Sophia was playing with her Rapunzel doll when she stops and looks at the doll's chest, points, and says, "Mom, why does she have big things there?" I explained that it is because she is a grown up... Sophia has commented before that "When I am a big girl and I am married when I will have a baby and then I will have big things there and will feed my baby with them"...or something along those lines, on multiple occasions.

Update 11/2/15 II
Sophia was helping me make brownies and she pointed into the batter bowl and said "Why is it so delicious in there?"

Update 10/30/15
Sophia has really been into killing bugs lately. She will tell me "I can kill the bug because I'm strong!" When I've been dropping her off at daycare in the morning she will tell me "If you see any spiders, you don't kill them Mommy. Tell the teacher."
There was a ladybug in the house and she was planning to take care of it for me, and she ran up to the fly swatter and asked me if I could hand her the "fly shutter".

Update 10/30/15 II
Sophia has a difficult time saying the word "colorful" and it is just adorable. Every time we drive home in the evening she sees some mini lights strung up on a house near us for Halloween in green, orange, and purple, and she will say "look at the colof-rul lights!" Or "clolofrul" or something along those lines. It's a little bit different every time. It's actually really very sweet, because she knows she has a difficult time with the word and every time she goes to say it she will say "Mommy, can you teach me to say it?" The other day, she brought me one of her books which she knows has the word "colorful" in it, and turned to the page with the word, and asked me to teach her to say the word. Smart girl.

Update 10/23/15
Background: Sophia and Heidi have a Minnie Mouse nightlight that shines stars around the room when it's on, and can switch between red and blue lights. It turns off automatically after about 45 minutes. When the battery is dying the lights flash. Sophia came into our room holding her light and the lights were blinking. 
Sophia: the lights are going on and off. My light isn't working. It's scary in the dark when it's not working. 
Mommy: well, I bet Daddy can fix it. 
Sophia: maybe I can leave it in your room when it's blinking and if I get scared of the dark I can pray to God.

Wow. Wise beyond her years. 

Update 10/9/15
Background: we had Erica over for dinner last night. We tend to have really fun conversations when Erica is over.

Last night, Sophia was including Erica in her "lion" game, where we all pretend we are lions. Normally she says something like "and you are the mommy lion, and Daddy is the daddy lion, and Heidi is the baby lion, and I am the baby lion". Last night she added one: "Mommy, you are the mommy lion, and Erica is the Erica lion, and Heidi is the baby lion, and I am the baby lion".

She came running out to Erica and I all excited to tell us something. She points at my chest and says, "you have big breafst-es and I have little breafst-es so that is why you wear a ber and I don't wear one". It took me a minute to figure out what she was talking about because she was saying breasts kind of funny, but once I did I was having the hardest time trying not to laugh. We were both chuckling a little bit and poor Sophia was telling us "Don't laugh!" but it was so hard not to. Chris was in the bedroom just laughing as he overheard the conversation. Apparently she had gone into the laundry room and one of my bras was drying, so she asked Daddy if she needed one and he explained to her why she didn't need one. Then she wanted to come and explain it to me. It was really very sweet, albeit hilarious.

Then later that evening, she was asking for Erica to sleepover at our house. I think because she is really excited about sleepovers lately. Erica said that she would probably go home so she could sleep in her own bed. Sophia said "Mommy and Daddy can scoot over for you and you can sleep in their bed!"

Update 10/7/15
Sophia: Maybe if I lose you, Princesses will be my mommy and daddy.

...tell us how you really feel, Soph. ;)

Update 10/1/15
A couple of months ago when she stayed with the VerWays during the day, she was given a kid's sized sleeping bag. It has become one of her favorite things and she sleeps in in fairly often. She refers to it as her "Sleeping Map"

Update 10/1/15
Sophia asked for milk to drink at breakfast this morning. I informed her that we ran out of milk and I needed to get more today. 
Sophia looking in the refrigerator analyzes the situation.
Sophia: I see the problem here. We drank it all!

Update 9/18/15
We were driving to daycare this morning and a rabbit ran in front of the car, almost sacrificing his own life. I told that to Sophia, whose response was "Did you flat it up?" Haha, what a pleasant way to say "run it over". (I did not hit the rabbit, in case you were wondering).

Update 9/4/15
Eric and Erica came over to watch the girls for a couple of hours the other day while I ran some errands. I told Erica that Sophia had informed me earlier in the day that she is a grown-up. The following conversation ensued:
Erica: Sophia, what do grown-ups do?
Sophia: *points to crotch* They have hair on their bottoms

I truly cannot describe how grateful I am that this happened at home, with close friends, and not in a public setting.

Update 8/31/15
Sophia had made a pretend pizza in her kitchen.
Sophia: Here Mommy, have some pie!
Me: What kind of pie is it?
Sophia: Pepperoni, sprout, sugar, and oatmeal!

Update II 8/26/15
 Eating a McDonald's cheeseburger for lunch (no parenting judgments please) and Copper is circling Sophia's chair like a hungry shark. She states "Copper is trying to eat my booger!"

Update 8/26/15
We were driving today and some geese were crossing the road in front of the car. Sophia saw them and said "They need to move so we don't flat them!!"

Update 8/25/15
While driving the other day, Sophia requested the Lion King song (which, specifically, is the Circle of Life song). I turned it on, and she mimicked the lyrics "ahhhh sabeeeeaaaaa" and then out of nowhere stated: "Lions lick poop off of their butts".  Uh. Well. Yes, yes I suppose they do.

Update 8/22/15
During our dinner Bible study, which is currently going through catechisms, Sophia asks "Could Jesus fly?"
What a great question.

Update 7/27/15
Sophia: we had lunch at Cutie Butt!
(She had lunch with Nana at Q'Doba)

Update 7/18/15
Chris and I went on a 3 mile jog with the girls in the Burley. I pushed for the first mile and then we switched off. When we switched, Chris was pushing in true Daddy fashion, swerving and bumping up the burley to ride on the back tires. 
Sophia looks back at Chris and says, "I want Mommy to push!"

Update 6/21/15
While at dinner with Oma and Papa 
Sophia: (pointing to Oma's stomach) is that a baby in there?

Update 6/20/15
Papa: Sophia, what is your favorite thing you have learned in church?
Sophia: the fear of the Lord 
( we have been memorizing Proverbs 1:7 together...)

Update 6/14/15
At church today...
Bryson (a 5 year-old boy at church): I missed you this week, Sophia 
Sophia: I never missed you

Update 6/11/15
While dinner, Sophia requested a specific dessert. 
Sophia: I want black ice cream with strawberries!
(Note: black ice cream refers to chocolate ice cream...)

Update 6/8/15
Sophia: Mommy, when I grow up I can get married!
Me: Well, you'll have to ask Daddy
*Sophia runs over to Daddy*
Sophia: Daddy, when I grow up can I get married?
Chris: *Scowls*

Update 6/8/15
*Discussing dinner options*
Sophia: I don't like those kind of beans (*Referring to asparagus*)
Me: Oh? Well that is too bad. These are good for you and help you to grow big and strong.
Sophia: Well, I only like carrots and ranch.
Me: I forgot to buy ranch at the store today.
Sophia: That is too bad.

Update 6/3/15
*Sophia walks around the room giving myself, Chris, Nana and Papa all a hug and a kiss then stands back and declares*
Sophia: I gave Daddy a hug and kiss and Papa a hug and kiss and Mommy a hug and kiss and Nana a hug and kiss because ALL of you *while making a giant sweeping hand gesture* I love.

Update 6/1/15
This actually goes back to mid December when Sophia got sick at Miss Sherri's house. I am thinking this will probably be Sophia's first memory because she has been talking about it for almost 6 months now.  Every night when we pray, she says this:
"I throwed up at Sherri's house, and Mommy give me juice, and I lay on the couch and watch Frozen". [I feel like I should clarify here: 'juice' is referring to Gatorade... just so you don't think I'm giving my sick child juice]. There are some alterations; sometimes she points to the couch so she know which couch she was laying on; sometimes she says "Sherri give me a bowl to throw up in". Sometimes she finishes it a little better by saying "And God healed me and now I'm all better".  She will talk about it outside of prayer, too. When it first started, she was saying "Can I tell you a not scary story?" "Sure, Sophia. What is your not scary story?" "I throwed up at Sherri's house..." For months now, we have been hearing this. Poor thing - obviously getting sick made quite the impression on her.

Update 5/30/15
*Chris pretending to 'eat' Sophia's arm*
Sophia: Daddy, don't eat me... God made us.
(Daddy was very proud of Sophia's advanced theology)

Update 5/18/15
While reading the Bible at night:
Sophia: there is no throwing up in the Kingdom 
Chris: what does it say?
Sophia: I already said that. There is no throwing up in the Kingdom.

Update 4/28/15
*while watching the Lion King with miss Erica, the "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" song* 
Sophia was narrating the whole song to herself and the scene where Nala licks Simba's face she pauses in her narration, looking really confused, and then states "She's drinking him!!!"

Update 4/23/15
Sophia got some cute dutch-clog-looking slippers from Oma and Papa when they came home from Europe. There is Dutch flag decor on the bag, so it has a lot of red, white and blue. She looked at the bag, pointed to the white stripe and said "this color isn't working".

Update 4/23/15
Me: Sophia, you have your shoe on the wrong foot.
Sophia: uh-oh. That's a bummer (*proceeds to put on other shoe*)
Me: you aren't going to switch feet?
Sophia: No, but that was a good idea, Mom. 

Update 4/15/15
Sophia: Mommy, can you clip Daddy's toenails? And cut his hair. 
Chris: Wow. Should she shave my beard, too?
Sophia: Yes. Mommy can you shave his beard too?
Apparently she is becoming quite the grooming expert.

Update 3/28/15
(While looking at our wedding album)
Sophia: Is that your hair? It looks like dog food.

Update III 3/27/15
Me: Sophia, what kind of cake do you want for your birthday?

Sophia: chocolate cake... With marshmallows. And no almonds. Almonds make me sick. 

Update II 3/27/15
"Do beans come from teapots?"
What she was trying to ask is, "do peas come from peapods". We had stir fry for dinner the other night and it had peapods in it, which really wasn't new to her but I don't think she noticed the peas inside them before. It just absolutely fascinated her and she has talked about them quite a bit.

Update 3/27/15
"Mom, can you move the alligator up?"
Note: she was referring to this sliding elevator piece on her Disney Princess Little People castle.

Update 3/22/15
"Hi, your highnesty"
I think this started because I often call her your highness or your majesty... And she just combined the two when talking to me.

Update 3/11/15
Sophia was looking through her headbands and other accessories in the bathroom when she stumbled upon a cute navy blue headband with red, white and blue flowers. She picked it up, smiled, and declared "oh my gosh! I never see this anymore!"

Update II 2/25/15
I left the room for a minute while Sophia was finishing her dinner. Chris and I had finished a while before. Heidi was still in her high chair. I walked back into the room and most of Sophia's peas and corn were on Heidi's dinner tray. Her response to me was "we are having a picnic, Mommy!"

Update 2/25/15
Sophia (not wanting to finish dinner): I have a tummy ache
Me: Well, I guess we shouldn't have dessert then.
Sophia: My tummy feels better Mommy!

Update 2/23/15
Sophia: first we go to Ikea and we bandaids and we go to Ikea and get candy and we get dinner at Ikea and we go to Ikea and buy more stamp markers, right Mommy? Right?
Me: Yes, honey 
Sophia: Because Daddy loves me

Update 2/21/15
Sophia: can you get me cereal?
Me: be patient, honey. Daddy is sleeping and mommy is feeding Heidi. 
Sophia: know what I can do to wake him up? Give him kisses!
*runs over to Chris' side of the bed and starts giving him multiple kisses on the cheek*
Sophia: are you tired Daddy?
Chris: yeah
Sophia: well, get up and get me cereal!

Update 2/20/15
I had finished giving Heidi her bath and was dressing her.
Sophia: Good job, Mom. Good job putting on Heidi's diaper!
Me: Thank you, Sophia.
Sophia: You're welcome.

Update 2/20/15
Papa: Say 'See you later, alligator!'
Sophia: Her's not an alligator! Her's Oma!!

Update 1/8/15
Oma came over to take Sophia out to dinner. Sophia asked "can we have monkey dinner, Oma?"
(monkey dinner is Rainforest Cafe)

Update  12/20/14
Me: what should we have for dinner Sophia?
Sophia: umm... How about cereal?

Update 12/12/14
Sophia was playing doctor with Daddy and said "I'm just a doctor. I can't fix him all the time!"

Update 11/15/14
Chris and I were putting Sophia to bed. We had just finished saying a prayer and she says "I love you so much, guys" and then goes to give us a kiss and hug.

Update 11/12/14 (at daycare)
Sherri tells Sophia she can have milk and cookies after her nappy poo, and Sophia says "yes, after my poopy nap"

Update 11/08/14
At dinner with Erica the day we moved into our townhome, we are eating dinner and I tell Sophia not to date boys for a  long time. She replies: "no we don't eat boys. That's gross."

Update 10/16/14
Some of Sophia's favorite sayings:
•"What you said?" (Instead of "what did you say")
• "Are you kidding me?"
• "What's the big idea?" (Thanks to Donald Duck for that one)

Update 10/12/14
Sophia asked Oma to take her upstairs to get pajamas on. She wanted to ride on her back so Oma obliged. Once Sophia was on Oma's back, she said "I'm riding a cow!" She meant horse... Oma was not as amused ;)

Update 10/7/14
The neighbors across the street are doing some landscaping.  Every time we go outside, Sophia comments on the awful mess the workers are making and says they are being disobedient. Today when she commented I explained that the mess was okay because they are building something beautiful and they will clean up everything when they are done. Sophia replies, "they are making Minnie Mouse?!" Apparently, Minnie Mouse is the epitome of beauty.

Update 10/6/14:
We were eating pepperoni pizza for dinner. Pepperoni is one of Sophia's favorite foods. After eating her salad she goes to the pizza, picks off a pepperoni slice, and then pulls the cheese off of the slice. She tosses the cheese to the side and says, "I don't like pizza trash". From what we could gather, the definition of pizza trash is anything that gets in the way of your pepperoni.
If Sophia doesn't understand something, she will say "what you said?" Which sounds hilarious from a toddler.

Update 10/4/14:
Sophia: let's talk about it, let's talk about it
Daddy: talk about what?
Sophia: um... animals!  Chickens *makes chicken noises*

Update 9/27/14:
Scene: Daddy just gave Sophia a bath and put her pajamas on.
Sophia: my good... my good... I don't need to go to bed anymore.
Daddy: oh, well that is good to know.
Sophia: now what? My fine. Now what we going to do?

Update 9/25/14:
Heidi had her two month doctor visit. Sophia came along. When the doctor asked Sophia her name, her response was "Sophia the First"

Update 9/18/14:
While swinging on her playset outside today, Sophia was singing "La La Laaaa Laaaaaaaa La La La Laaaaaa La" at the top of her lungs in no particular pattern that I could discern. I asked her what she was singing, and she replied "La La La". Of course - silly me!
Later while we were still outside and she was going down the slide, and sending her Bitty Baby down the slide to me, she was counting before sending the doll down. She counted "one, two, three, four, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, fourteen, eleventeen, eighteen!"

8/30/14 (original post):
Sophia was playing with her leap frog "laptop" today and she took my hand to have me push buttons. After she helped me push several buttons she clapped and said "yay! Good job, mommy. Good pushing buttons!" To which I responded, " thank you,  Sophia!" Then she said "ah welcome" (you're welcome)

I know I have mentioned this one before, but it's adorable. Sophia will say "I love you too much" instead of saying "so much".

Lately, she has been saying "what's going on here?" whenever she or someone else seems confused.
Her current favorite thing for lunch is a "papa-oni sammich" (pepperoni sandwich).
While reading a Christmas book to me, she says "Jesus was born a table" and then closed the book with an "amen!"

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Princess Sophia

I'm not sure where exactly this came from, but the last two times I have made pancakes for breakfast Sophia has requested colors. Last week she wanted pink pancakes, this morning she asked for yellow (and then changed her mind and decided pink pancakes were better).  I have food coloring, so why not? I'm just not sure where the idea came from. Pink batter pictured below.

She also referred to herself as Sophia the First today (thank you Sofia the First on Disney for that one)...

And then she said to me, very enthusiastically, "I love you too much!!" I think she meant so much, but her way was cute too...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Miss Independent

I just put Sophia down for her afternoon nap.  Almost always she goes down for a nap somewhere between 1:00 and 2:30. Today, as soon as I said it was "nap time" she started crying and told me that she did not need a nap. The crying suggested otherwise.  We went potty before her nap time, and as she was sitting on the potty she looks at me and says "my don't need nap any more" with a hand motion sweeping across the air.  It was the cutest act of defiance I have ever seen.

We always read a book or two before nap time, and one of the books we read today is called "Whose Tail Is This?" and it has pictures of animal tails, with a flap that reveals the animal behind the tail. The first animal in the book is a skunk. I asked her,  "What animal is this?" and her response was "Square!" Well, the initial sound was right!

Could she be any cuter?

Monday, August 25, 2014

One Month

Well, it seems that time still has decided to keep moving. Heidi Olivia is one month old already. How did that go by so quickly? Never again will she wear newborn size diapers. Never again will she wear newborn clothes.  It is amazing how quickly that passes. Just like that, Sophia is one month closer to the age of 3.  I remember with Sophia that this early baby stage felt like forever; this stage when they don't do much but eat and sleep (and poop), but now it seems like it is going all too fast with Heidi; maybe because I know it ends much sooner than you think it will.

Heidi is a much different baby than Sophia. I remember being so worried about Sophia because it seemed to me like she slept way too much. Anytime she was strapped into the car seat she pretty much slept the entire time she was in there, even if I was running errands for 4 hours.  She slept her first 6 weeks of life away.  Heidi, on the other hand, does not like to sleep at all during the day. At. All. And then she will get her little self over-tired and then it is even harder to fall asleep.  She will even stay wide awake in her car seat, and will sometimes cry the entire ride (one car ride last week she cried for 20 minutes!). Heidi also poops very loudly, but usually does not leak out of her diaper, where Sophia was the opposite. Yeah, she had her loud moments, but more often than not she had these quiet ones that just leaked all over the place. Heidi is also a definite stomach sleeper. I think she will be a much happier baby (not that she is unhappy now) once she is able to roll over and can sleep on her stomach. I am curious to see where Heidi falls on the growth charts; Sophia has maintained her 80%-95% weight and height rates, and they were born at an almost identical size.

Around the time Heidi was 3-4 weeks old, a friend of mine posted this poem (below) on Facebook, and I have to admit it made me tear up reading it - and I am still right in the middle of these phases! Any time I have rough days where I feel like I could use about a dozen more arms (or just a clone or two of myself) I try to remind myself that this will pass, all too quickly, and before I know it I'll be taking them to get their ears pierced or going to the DMV for a license so even when it is rough, these moments should be cherished. God gave me two beautiful daughters and I can't wait to see them grow up, though part of me would hold them at this young age as well.

A quick internet search did not tell me who the author is. If you know, please tell me so I may give proper credit. Read with a tissue or two handy:

The Very Last Time

From the moment you hold your baby in your arms you will never be the same
You might long for the person you were before
When you had freedom and time
And nothing in particular to worry about
You will know tiredness like you never knew it before
And days will run into days that are exactly the same
Full of feedings and burping
Nappy changes and crying
Whining and fighting
Naps or a lack of naps
It might seem like a never-ending cycle

But don't forget...
There is a last time for everything
There will come a time when you will feed your baby for the very last time
They will fall asleep on you after a long day
And it will be the last time you ever hold your sleeping child
One day you will carry them on your hip then set them down
And never pick them up that way again
You will scrub their hair in the bath one night
And from that day on they will want to bathe alone
They will hold your hand to cross the road
Then never reach for it again
They will creep into your room at midnight for cuddles
And it will be the last night you ever wake to this
One afternoon you will sing "the wheels on the bus" and do all the actions
Then never sing them that song again
They will kiss you goodbye at the school gate
The next day they will ask to walk to the gate alone
You will read a final bedtime story and wipe your last dirty face
They will run to you with arms raised for the very last time.

The thing is, you won't even know it's the last time
Until there are no more times. And even then, it will take you a while to realise. 

So while you are living in these times, remember there are only so many of them and when they are gone, you will yearn for just one more day of them.
For one last time.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Prima Donna

Sophia's new favorite thing is singing. She loves Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, the ABCs, Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children, and Rock-a-bye Baby. Sidenote: I would like to find more pleasant lyrics to Rock-a-bye Baby. 

The other day, we went to Stillwater with Aunt Meghan and Stephen while they were visiting. Typically, Sophia will sleep in the car for long journeys, or really for any car ride over 15-20 minutes. I was shocked when she did not fall asleep in the car on the way to Stillwater. I was even more shocked when she managed to stay awake the entire way home as well.  She did seem very determined to not nap that day (as she said to herself in the backseat "my not sleepy").  To keep herself awake, she sang songs to herself for about 20 minutes of the car ride home. Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Rock-a-bye Baby over and over and over (and over) again. It was very adorable.  It was slightly less adorable later that evening when she was a tad bit on the grumpy side from not napping... but still very adorable.

Sister Love

Sophia seems to really enjoy the role of big sister. There are certainly some challenges, particularly bed time, but overall she seems to like being a helper to Mommy and to Heidi. She will happily bring diapers and wipes to me, and insists on being able to discard dirty diapers herself. She also likes to comfort Heidi, and will tell me when Heidi is hungry. She likes to burp Heidi as well.

The other day, Heidi was crying and Sophia gave Heidi her favorite pig bear. If you are familiar with Sophia and her pig bears, you know that her favorite one is the typical well-used and well-loved toddler toy that doesn't even look clean when it comes right out of the washing machine. It was very sweet and just melted my heart. 

Sophia also says "my" instead of "I". For example, "my get it!" or "my not tired".  Heidi was crying when Sophia was 'holding' her today and Sophia said "oh, so sweet. My right here. My right here". Again...heart melted. It is fun to see her take on the role of big sister. 

"Snot Sucker"

Prior to Heidi's birth, I had a coworker who recommended a snot sucker to me. She said it was just great for infants with stuffy noses! Naturally, the name intrigued me. She described to me a device where you put a little tube in the baby's nose and then put the other end in your mouth and actually suck the snot out of their little nose. It sounds terribly gross, even though there is a filter that prevents the snot from being swallowed by you. I decided to look it up, and on amazon this thing has almost 3,000 reviews and 4.7 stars. One review said to stop reading reviews and just buy it already. I figured for $15, it couldn't hurt to buy one and have it just in case.

Over the last few days I had noticed a buildup of hard mucous far up in Heidi's nose. I wasn't terribly concerned until she started to have difficulty eating because she was having difficulty breathing through her nose.  I called the doctor, and they recommended using a saline nasal spray to soften the mucous and then sucking it out with one of those bulb syringes.  I tried, and the bulb syringe was pretty worthless. It did not pull the softened mucous out at all. Then, I remembered I had purchased the snot sucker. I gave it a try, and it pulled (*Warning*: TMI) a large hard booger out of each nostril!! It is amazing just how excited you can get about boogers when you are a parent. Eating was once again much easier.  That snot sucker is worth every penny. I am thinking about buying another one to keep it in the diaper bag. If you have a child, buy it now.