Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Holy Poop!

I want to share something with you.

Yes, that is baby poop. All over the car seat.

And it is still just morning.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


We just got back from our trip to Ohio. Chris and I really enjoy traveling, and we did our best to take advantage of the flight benefits when he worked for an airline company.

Now that he doesn't work for an airline company, there are some perks.  Don't get me wrong - I hate paying for tickets, but I am trying to look at the bright side.  For example, now we KNOW that we have seats when we get to the airport. This is a huge plus, especially when traveling with Sophia.  I thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the terminal by the gate knowing that I was going to make it onto that flight, or Delta would reimburse me. Either way, it's a win.

We also had some of the horror stories that you always hear about when people travel with babies.  I changed Sophia right before we got on the flight, and knowing that it is an hour and a half flight I wasn't thinking we would run into too may troubles.  The problem is that we were on a CRJ100. If you are unfamiliar with planes, this particular plane is approximately the size of a package of gum. My head almost hits the ceiling, and I am not really that tall.

So, we board the plane and it is just about time to take off. I prepare to nurse Sophia, and everything goes smoothly. She doesn't have any problems with the air pressure or anything because of the nursing.  Then, she has a blowout. On itty-bitty-teeny plane.  Silly me, I think that it would be best to go to the bathroom to try and change her.  "Bathroom" is hardly the appropriate word for what was available on the plane. It was more like a port-a-potty. Only half the size.  Just try to picture this. I trudge to the back of the plane, carrying an upset and messy baby who is leaking out of her diaper, and trying not to smack people in the face with the diaper bag. I open the door to the bathroom, step in, and can barely close it behind me with the diaper bag and Sophia and everything.  I finally get it shut and realize that there is about 1 foot of space between the door and the toilet and that's it!! I don't know how anybody who is a remotely big and/or tall person can use that bathroom. So I lay down her changing pad and a blanket on the toilet trying to create a sanitary and comfortable space to change her diaper. By the time I lay her down to change her, she is screaming and I am uncomfortable because my butt is up against the door and I am trying to bend over and change a diaper on a squirmy, screaming kid on the top of a toilet seat that has no safety or anything so I am trying to keep her in place as well. *Gah!!!!!!!*  At least the plane is loud... I don't think anybody heard her screaming.  I finally finish changing her diaper, and change her outfit, and make it back to the seat (by this point, I didn't even really care if I hit people in the back of the head with the diaper bag).

Anyway... once we land things went very smoothly! We had a great week visiting family, and got to witness the union before God of Courtney (Chris' cousin) and Wiley Brakebill.  We also had a BBQ with Chris' Mom's side of the family.

I wouldn't think traveling would be so easy with the baby - but Chris' grandma went the extra mile and had a crib set up for us, as well as a baby bath tub and baby soap and lotion and linens and changing pad and diapers and wipes and powder and desitin...all of the stuff that we needed to make the stay feel like home. It was very nice.  His grandparents even watched her quite often so that Chris and I could go swimming in their pool (which we did twice a day - I have transformed from see-through white to ivory white in skin color!).

The flight back was not quite as bad as the flight there.  She did make a pretty big mess in her diaper again but this time I just changed her on my lap in the seat and with Chris' help we were changed and clean in  no time flat! Lesson learned. If possible, next time we fly I am hoping to get on a much larger plane.  I think it will be larger - next time we fly will be to Utah over Christmas time and I don't think they fly the itty-bitty planes from here to Utah.

Anyway, now we are back home and I am back to writing my paper! My goal is to be done by next week and defend it in the end of July.  I think the infant swing will turn out to be a life saver. She sleeps better in than thing than just about anywhere else!