Wednesday, June 20, 2012

God's gift

I went to the doctor recently for my 6-week follow-up visit. Everything was/is all healed on track and I don't need to see an OB until next summer! Praise the Lord for Sophia's and my health throughout the pregnancy and birth.

While I was at the doctor's office, he complimented my beautiful baby girl and said to me, "Aren't babies a great way to start people?" I just love that. How true, too :) she is just so sweet, innocent and beautiful. God's design is just so evident in the entire process of having children, from conception on.

Oh. My. Gosh.

I just woke up. I was lying in bed, and the baby starts squirming. Then, it happens.

I can only define it as the most terrifying sound I have ever heard.

It was so terrifying, in fact, that I am 99% sure that the baby actually blew a hole in her diaper.

And then she fell back asleep.

This kind of presents me with a dilemma: do I let her sleep and feel totally guilty about not changing her, and possibly have to change the sheets and her pajamas when she wakes up? Or, do I do the responsible thing and wake her up? You may question my parenting skills upon reading that last part, but keep in mind that it was 4-something a.m., and she was sleeping! So, I woke her up.

And wow. It was almost as terrifying as it sounded. But I am officially impressed with 'Luvs' for holding that mess in. I did not even have to change her pajamas!

It was very much worth waking her up too, because after I was done changing her she wasn't mad at me for waking her up but instead looked up at me and gave me a big, beautiful smile! What a sweetheart.

Monday, June 11, 2012

My baby is a genius.

Sophie rolled over three days ago from front to back, and I thought to myself that it was probably a fluke because she is only 5 weeks old.

And then last night, she rolled over from front to back again! I think it kind of scared her that the world flipped over, but I tried to encourage her and smile and make it a fun experience... It was really exciting!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Here's my afternoon:

‎1:30 pm: finish feeding Sophie, I think I'll go on a bike ride.

2:00 pm: dressed and ready to go, got my shoes on, full water bottle, I will go check tire pressure.

2:15 pm: rear tire completely flat. Crap.

2:30 pm: attempt to change tire and fail so I elicit husband's help

3:00 pm: all ready to go!

3:15 pm: problem with chain. Once again get husband's help

3:30 pm: baby screaming to eat again.

Bike ride fail.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Got this in my school e-mail account :) My Master's degree was officially awarded on my birthday!! Now to just finish the capstone and the externship...and I will officially have the doctorate! Woohoo!

Friday, June 1, 2012


Having a child has made me realize just how selfish of a person I am.  Here is a recent example.  It was my birthday yesterday.  Normally I spend about two weeks before my birthday reminding my family members that my birthday is approaching, and this year I kept forgetting about it.  Normally on my birthday, the whole day is about  me.  I want what I want for breakfast, and I do what I want to do throughout the day.  That was just NOT the case. I had a wonderful day, don't get me wrong. My dad was here and he made me some wonderful french toast for breakfast, took me out for lunch, and grilled some steaks and scallops for dinner (so I actually did have exactly what I wanted for breakfast...but I digress). I have a wonderful family around me who came and celebrated with me and it was a wonderful day, but it was just so different than any other birthday I've ever had.  Everything throughout the day was on the baby's schedule, including my meals and the times when we left the house.  I am not complaining or saying I wish it wasn't that way... I am just pointing out how very selfish I was before I had somebody else to care for.  It is an interesting feeling. 

She has been such a wonderful baby! Starting two nights ago (which I believe was her birthday present to me...) she slept for 6 hours through the night!! Woohoo!! And she did it again last night.  I didn't quite get 6 hours of sleep, because I kept waking up to check on her, but she is sleeping just straight through. How awesome is that? As we speak she is taking an afternoon nap on my leg, sleeping peacefully until her next  meal. I'm excited to take her shopping with me next week - we are going to do my birthday shopping next Wednesday. She is a great shopping buddy. I have been told that that doesn't last long, so I might as well enjoy it while I can!

Anyway - I am off to take care of e-mails and write papers (and anything else that I can do while she is sleeping across my lap!). 

God bless