Thursday, January 12, 2012

Very Blessed! Chris will be here for the birth, and, it's a girl!

As you know, Chris' company (Mesaba - the Airline company) announced almost two years ago (or at least a year and a half ago.. it's been a long time) that they were bought by another company, Pinnacle Corp., in Memphis, TN. What this meant was that we would be moving to Memphis. Neither one of us knew what this would look like.. I personally didn't mind the idea of Memphis initially because Memphis is warmer, and in the Bible belt..but then we found out I was pregnant. As you can imagine this complicated matters, especially because Chris was supposed to be down in Memphis (for sure this time) by the start of February.


I was not looking forward to being without my husband during the entire 3rd trimester, and it is always scary to think that he might not have even been present for the birth of the baby because you can never really time that kind of thing. That, and we own our house so I would have been by myself here either getting it ready to rent out or trying to sell it. I was also not really looking forward to that. Then, I would be able to move down there starting in June, so it would have been a lot to do with a 1 1/2 month old baby.

Long story short, Chris has been looking for jobs in the area because we both thought that being here made more sense for our family, if it was God's will that we stay here. We are involved in church, own our house, and I had an externship position here already lined up (the people in Memphis are much slower at getting back to me...I still haven't heard anything yet and may not hear until the end of this month or beginning of next). Well, a company contacted and offered him a job, a supervising position, doing sort of what he is doing now (Maintenance planning) only in a supervisory role.

It was an answer to prayer. I am so proud of my husband for making the tough decision to stay here. It was bittersweet though; Chris' family (parents and brother) are moving down to TN, because Chris' Dad works for the same company. Chris was also really good friends with one of his coworkers in Memphis, making it even tougher to leave the company. It will be hard to be away from family, but God has answered our prayers by providing Chris a way to stay here. I think another hard part will be giving up flight benefits, especially because my friends out in Utah were planning a shower for me that I will not be able to attend now... if only Utah wasn't so popular to fly to! Then the tickets might be cheaper. Ah well, it's difficult to fly now anyway because I have to pee every 10 minutes and if I don't walk around I start to get that sciatic nerve pain really bad.

Second: I had another ultrasound today and it's a girl!! Not only is our little sweet pea a girl, but she also looks very healthy. The ultrasound was quite thorough and looked at kidneys, bladder, heart from all kinds of angles, brain, spinal cord, abdomen, legs, arms, etc. etc... We also got some pretty cute pictures out of it so I will post them as soon as I can.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bucky Balls and Star Wars

Things that could entertain me for hours. I am supposed to be studying right now for the Praxis exam (THIS SATURDAY! AHH!) but instead of being productive, I am taking a brain break. All of the material sitting in front of me that I need to study is borderline overwhelming. I have made it through most of what I want to go through, but I am reaching my breaking point.


Bucky balls, and Star Wars. I got Chris some Bucky Balls, and I have probably spent way too many hours playing with them. I'm not really sure what is so appealing about 216 little round magnets..probably the fact that they aren't in any way related to studying audiology material. As for Star Wars...well, I have always enjoyed episodes IV-VI, as any nerd does I am sure, but have recently discovered episodes I-III. I always resisted watching the first episodes, because I saw the first one and disliked it so much (thank you Jar Jar Binks). But I had to know how the other two ended, so I used some Christmas money to invest in the earlier three. (My in-laws got episodes IV-VI for me on Blu-ray this Christmas!! I can't tell you how awesome it looks on Blu-ray - such a difference). Anyway, they have been my study companion and my study break for the last two weeks or so, just watching the episodes bit by bit. There are some loose ends and some remaining questions that I have, but I am not going to go so far as to be one of those people who gets into the specifics. I.e., does it really matter if Leia says in Episode VI that she remembers her mother, but we seen Amidala die while giving birth to the twins? No... no it doesn't. And I may be nerdy, but I hope I am not so nerdy that details affect my enjoyment of the show.

Also what is kind of fun is now I can feel the baby moving A LOT more, so when I sit down to study she starts rolling around in there like crazy. I enjoy those moments.

This is my makeshift study desk for the time being...and while it doesn't LOOK organized, it is organized :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Adventures

Chris and I bought each other sports games for Christmas this year. First, we went to the Broncos vs. Vikings game at the Metrodome here in Minneapolis. Didn't really require much traveling (although, traveling to Minneapolis can feeling like going to a different country, depending on where you go), but it was really fun. Especially because the Broncos won 35-32. It was a great game, and very exciting.

For his Christmas present, we did a bit more traveling. We went to an Arsenal game in London, at the Arsenal stadium. It was Arsenal vs. Everton, and it just happened to be their 125th Anniversary game (we didn't know at the time that we bought the tickets). Long story short, the tickets to these games are in such high demand that you have to be a club member to buy them, and then there have to be enough tickets for "friends and family"... well, the circumstances worked out perfectly so that Chris was able to buy two tickets. We flew to London, and stayed in "The City" area, near St. Paul's Cathedral.

Nothing beats international business class flying (especially when it is Non-Rev so you pay very very very little). The game was awesome, especially because Arsenal won (Robin van Persie scored the winning goal, final score 1-0). The store that they have in the stadium is massive, and Chris and I were absolutely overwhelmed with the amount of shopping. On our first day, we went to the British Museum and spent time going around there for a good couple of hours and for the remainder of the time there, we went to the Churchill War Museum, which is made up of the rooms that WWII was planning/discussed in, and the rooms have been primarily untouched since the war ended. It was pretty neat. We also went to church while we were there, because we were there on a Sunday. As always, it was sad to leave London. The city is just so beautiful and surreal - seeing all of the images and buildings that you see in movies all of the time.

In between our traveling trips we spent Christmas Day with Chris' family here in Minnesota. Not really traveling... but considering the way that the weather can be in Minnesota, it could have been!! Well, ok, so we haven't *actually* had any bad snowstorms yet... and it's been above 40 degrees most of the time... Anyway. We had a lovely dinner (with probably the BIGGEST crab legs I have EVER seen...I would have hated to run into that crab when it was living) and then played Apples to Apples all night. I had to force everyone into it, but it was a lot of fun :)

Our final Christmas adventure was going to Tucson to see my family. We finally made a flight to Phoenix (well, we missed the first flight and then we got on the second one because some people got stuck in customs - yay!) and my Dad picked us up and took us on the long haul to Tucson. I love spending Christmas and Papa and Nana's house, nothing beats it! The desert is beautiful, in both temperature and scenery. We went to Beyond Bread, Eegee's, Bookman's, and all the fun little Tucson things that you have to do when you are there. We played Pay Me with my family a lot, and my Papa pretty much dominated us. My only regret is that I didn't really spend enough time with everyone, especially my cousin who is in the Navy and I may not see again for a couple of years, but I really loved every minute I was there. It was great that Chris was able to come along and see my grandparents house, too.

Now, it is back to studying for the Praxis exam (in two weeks) and the Comprehensive exam (in two weeks and 2 days). I'll be cramming like crazy for the next two weeks. But we had an awesome December, and I am looking even more forward to our little princess joining the family.

God Bless!

Pregnancy Update

Alright... I haven't written for a while, and now that it is "break" time I'll take a minute to update the blog.

Month 5 (Weeks 17-20)

So, this month was actually not that bad. I had very few (if any) crazy emotional days. A little crying here or there at a commercial or a sad song, but all in all fairly stable considering I have hormones flying about me like mosquitoes in Minnesota.

However, the crazy Frank's Buffalo Sauce craving has continued. I cannot count how many times we went to Wendy's or somewhere and I got a chicken sandwich and DOUSED it in buffalo sauce. I mean, dripping. And, I want more. I can't get enough of the stuff.

Also, I don't normally like oranges/tangerines, but lately I have been in the mood to eat them. Must be missing something from my diet that is in citrus fruits.

And, the announcement we have all been waiting for: the results of the 20-week ultrasound. Actually, this is the one story that absolutely frustrated me. SO, I went to the doctor, and I showed up for my appointment at 9:00 a.m. (keep in mind the doctor's office is 40 minutes away so I left my house at 8 a.m. in case there was traffic) and I walk up to the receptionist to check in and she says "Oh, we don't have you on the schedule"... Excuse me?? I know I am on the schedule. She looks up my name, and we find that next to my next they had written something about contacting me to reschedule the appointment, but they never actually contacted me. Great. I ask, will the doctor be in at any point today? In the next couple of hours maybe? Well, yes, he is in surgery but scheduled to finish at 11:00, and he has an opening at 11:00, so I volunteer to wait around.

At 12:30 p.m., the doctor arrives (I have been waiting for almost 4 hours at this point), and I am FINALLY able to get in for my ultrasound. I get into the room, settle down, get all situated, and the doctor says to me, "normally I refer out for the 20-week ultrasound, because I am not very good at telling the sex"... WHAT?!? WHY AM I HERE?!? *sigh*. I was NOT in a good mood at this point.

The conclusion of the ultrasound is two things: 1) The baby looks healthy!! Yay!! and 2) It is *probably* a girl. Probably. There is another ultrasound next week sometime to redo measurements, confirm stuff, etc. so that should hopefully give us a better idea.

Month 6 (Weeks 21-24)

I am *technically* still in this month but I will write about it now and update later if necessary.

Well, it happened yesterday, when I was on the plane back home from Arizona. The one thing that I said I wanted, and now that it happened I take it back!! So, this whole time I have been saying "I cannot WAIT to look pregnant..then people will understand why I am so crazy and just let me be crazy". Well, on the airplane a lady sitting next to me, who I have never talked to before or seen, leaned over and asked me "when is your due date?" Not, "are you pregnant?" or anything like "how are you?".. just "When is your due date?". And instead of being excited that I look pregnant, I thought to myself "OMG I LOOK PREGNANT?!? Enough that strangers are now just assuming that I am??"

The other fun thing. My little cousin Kendal, who is about 5 years old, found out that I had a baby in my tummy and was fascinated. She was touching my tummy, her mouth open in awe... and then she thought, well, if Katie has a baby in her tummy, maybe other people do as well. So she went around asking all of the family members (boys too) if they had a baby in their tummy. Then her Mommy explained to her, "No, only Mommies have babies in their tummies".. so she looks up at her mom and says "Do YOU have a baby in your tummy?" Oh boy... "No.. only SOME Mommies have babies in their tummies". I am just waiting for the moment that she goes up to a complete stranger who is a little chubby and asks them if they have a baby in their tummy.

Probably the worst thing ever? Sciatica. After putting the Christmas decorations away yesterday, with all the bending down and whatnot, I could barely walk. Not fun.

Probably the best thing ever? Feeling the baby move. A couple of nights ago we were laying in bed, and Chris put his hand on my stomach to see if he could feel movement. She wasn't really moving a whole lot, so he leaned down and said "Wake up, sweetie" and then put his hand back on my tummy. She gave 3 really firm kicks right where his hand was - very cool. I think she was just upset that her Daddy woke her up, but it was fun :)

After flying this past weekend, I have decided that going to Utah for my shower that my friends are throwing for me is the last time I am traveling until this baby comes. I was quite uncomfortable on the flights, and couldn't seem to get comfortable no matter what I did. That, and flying Non-Rev is so stressful. The day that we left for Arizona it looked like I wasn't going to make the flight, and I think I cried like 5 times. I cried when I woke up and it looked terrible, and when I called my parents to let them know, and when we missed the flight in the airport, and again when we actually got on the flight because some people got held up in customs (Praise God!!), but those were happy tears.

Another fun pregnancy experience. I did a little bit of post-Christmas shopping today around the mall, and in each store I went into the maternity section was next to the petites. Ouch. Like I need to be reminded that I am starting to look like a whale...putting maternity clothes next to the petites section is NOT helpful.

So, that is that. I will add more to this after the ultrasound next week. God bless!