Tuesday, November 22, 2011

'Cause you had a bad day...

I had two interviews today. I'll show you my schedule:

11:00 a.m. Interview #1 in Maple Grove, MN (about an hour north drive from my house)

12:30 p.m. Class in Minneapolis, MN (about a half an hour drive from the interview spot)

3:25 p.m. Interview #2 on the phone (15 minutes after class is over)

Let's just say that neither one went as planned. The first one was a double interview, and the interviewer did not actually ask me any questions... which makes me feel like right when she saw me she knew it wasn't going to work and didn't bother asking. Have you ever heard of an interview where they don't ask interview questions? Not only that, the double interview part was pretty awkward. The second interview went about as bad as a phone interview can go. My cell phone reception was terrible, so the interviewers (all 6 of them, yes, 6) kept cutting out and I kept cutting out when I would answer the questions, and at one point the call was actually dropped. So, yikes. Then they asked me a question about hearing aids with I completely bombed, because I wasn't sure what answer they were looking for and obviously did not answer it correctly.

I just keep reminding myself: God is in control. Even if I did poorly at the interviews today, they were both in Minnesota and God might be planning for us to move to Memphis. But He is completely in control, so I don't need to worry or fuss. What's done is done. Isaiah 40!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Donut Holes

I went to AWANAs tonight, where I am a volunteer for the T&T age kids in 5th and 6th grade...and I have got to tell you that the message was pretty cool tonight.

Here is the poem that went along with it:

As you go through life
Make this your goal:
Look at the donut
and not the hole.

It was interesting, because how many times have I thought to myself recently something like, "I REALLY want this heartburn to go away!!" or something along those lines... I tend to focus on the negative. Instead, I should be focusing on the "donut", or, what I have, not what I don't have. Chris and I are blessed to be involved in a wonderful church, with an excellent small group, I am fortunate to be in my program in school and at an internship with an audiologist I can look up to, I am married to my best friend, and we are expecting our first baby - well, unless you count Copper.

Point being, I'm going to make a more consistent effort to "look at the donut and not the hole" by thanking God for His many blessings, even when I am not feeling so hot.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My thoughts on Pregnancy… the stuff you may not hear anywhere else. (And may not even care to read about here…)

So, since I have not updated the blog in a while, I have a LOT of catching up to do, now that we are expecting!! ☺

We’ll start from the beginning.

MONTH 1 (Weeks 1 through 4):

I had an INCREDIBLE summer internship at the Mayo Clinic, and learned more than I could possibly type in a reasonable amount of time. Shortly after moving all of my stuff back home, Chris and I were all set to go mountain biking. I had my spandex on, my camelbak ready to go, and then I need to go to the restroom. While I am doing so, I think to myself “well, I’m a little late, but it’s probably nothing. While I’m here I should take a pregnancy test”. Lo and behold, it comes out positive!!

Here is the progression of my thoughts:
“Oh my gosh, it’s positive”
“… I should probably take another test”
“Oh my gosh, it’s positive”
“…Can I even go mountain biking??”
“Oh my gosh, it’s positive”

Well, I didn’t go mountain biking. The reason being, I am an extremely accident-prone mountain biker, and it is rare for me to go on a trail without falling off my bike at least once. Usually my legs are all bruised up in the summer.

After that, because I didn’t trust the first test, I took another couple tests… then went into Amnion Crisis Pregnancy Center because I volunteer there, and thought they could help me find a doctor, etc. They let me take another test, told me my due date based on my LMP (last menstrual period), and gave me some reading materials. The especially helpful materials was one book titled “100,000 Baby Names”, which I looked through from START TO FINISH, because you can’t do anything else when you have morning sickness. The other helpful thing was a pamphlet about morning sickness, which as luck would have it, started bright and early the next morning.

MONTH 2 (Weeks 5 through 8):

So here’s what I learned really quickly about morning sickness. Morning has NOTHING to do with it. I had it all day long when I first started with the morning sickness business, and then I had it only in the evenings. For HOURS. All evening, every evening, from about 5 p.m. each night. I could barely eat anything unless it was saltines and ICE COLD water. And it had to be cold. Luke warm water made me feel even more sick.

Here’s what I also learned about morning sickness. Preggie pops, or at least SOMETHING to suck on, is extremely helpful. In fact, preggie pops saved my public appearance on several occasions… one where I almost tossed all my cookies in the Cub parking lot, and then realized that I had a preggie pop in my bag. I just pulled that little sucker out and about 2 minutes later my upset stomach was no longer upset.

Also a bad side effect. You think your breasts are tender during your period? That is nothing. I could not even get bumped or move the wrong direction or sleep on my side. Also, I have grown a couple of cup sizes, and I am told that there is still more to grow. From what I hear, this pain is nothing compared to nursing when the milk flows in, but it was still not pleasant.

During this month, I had my first two ultrasounds. I had my first experience with a transvaginal ultrasound. I’m sure you can figure out by the name what that means, and let me tell you, I hope I never ever ever ever need one of those again. Not fun. But, I did get to see my baby. I also was referred for my 2nd ultrasound, because my doctor thought my uterus looked funny. Turns out, all is well. But at the 2nd appointment, I was able to hear the baby’s heartbeat. Talk about a cool experience.

MONTH 3 (Weeks 9 through 12):

So here is where I am suffering probably the most. Morning sickness is hitting hard (in the evenings…) and we aren’t telling people we are pregnant yet. So, I sit through class, DYING, hoping that I don’t lose it and need to run to the bathroom. And then for small groups, when we were cooking at our house, I almost lost it some more. I can’t tell you how awful meat looked and smelled. I still want NOTHING to do with a cheeseburger. Chris wanted to go to Smashburger for dinner one night, and I couldn’t even step inside the place. The smell, sight, thought of beef/hamburgers made me ill. I couldn’t even watch Burger King commercials on T.V.

I also never want to eat saltines again. I’ve had just about enough of those. But I feel like I ate my body weight in carbs, because there was nothing else I could really keep down. I ate lots of goldfish, pretzels, breadsticks, cereal, graham crackers, chips, popcorn, bagels (I had one literally everyday for breakfast)… anything crunchy, salty, and generally not healthy for me.

The sight of vegetables also makes me ill. So what do all these pregnancy books/sites/etc. do? They make you feel guilty for not eating vegetables. Well TOO BAD! At least I’m not hugging the toilet, which I would be if I tried to gag down a carrot or some broccoli. So, I continue to take my prenatal vitamin, eat what I can, and hope that I can get what I need. You want me to get 70 grams of protein?? I can’t even LOOK at meat. So, I eat some beans, eat some peanut butter, some tofu…

Fun for this month: I got my third ultrasound at 11 weeks. It is amazing how much development happens in such a short time. That baby was bouncing around in my uterus like popcorn popping. It was pretty fun to watch.

Something that I did not expect was the complete lack of being able to sleep through a night. I am up 3 or 4 times every night at least. And every time I am up, I have to eat something because I feel sick…and usually I have to eat it before I even get out of bed, or I will really get sick. So, I wake up at 3 a.m., grab the box of LIFE cereal that is sitting next to the bed, munch away for a few minutes, get up to pee, then it’s back to bed, a little more munching, then back to sleep for another hour an a half. Repeat.

MONTH 4 (Weeks 13 through 16):

Well at this point, the nausea in the evenings has stopped. Thank goodness. The breast tenderness is also gone. But here comes the indigestion. I think I get heartburn regularly every evening. Sometimes a couple of times a day. I definitely eat Tums like they are candy – and the Smoothie ones are actually not half bad. Also, gas. You would not believe the gas problems that accompany pregnancy. That sure surprised me.

But most importantly, the nausea is gone.

And, because the nausea is gone, my healthy appetite has returned!! I don’t have to eat bagels for breakfast anymore. I still do sometimes, but I am able to eat cereal and milk again! I can eat eggs! I can eat oatmeal! All those things I couldn’t touch I can now eat again! What a wonderful time.

You know how you always hear about how pregnant women are crazy? It’s true. I can’t tell you how many times I almost lost my temper to complete strangers, and they didn’t even really do anything. For example, one security guy at the airport tried to tell me why I should go through the scary machine scan thing, even though I’m pregnant. And the way he said it with a smug attitude all before 6 a.m., almost made me BLOW UP at him. Pregnant crazy is real. Emotions are just haywire. One weekend I cried probably 4 or 5 times. In just one weekend!! A couple of those times were at church… I was having stomach pains on Sunday morning and was feeling quite awful, but went to church anyway. The speaker was a missionary from Africa, and peppered into his sermon were stories of African healthcare, 2 of which included birthing difficulties of his wife and another missionary’s wife. One of the stories ended up ok, but was frightening, and the other story ended up with the death of the baby AND the mother. Then I was REALLY not feeling well. It was a looooooong weekend.

Also real? Cravings. And it changes every week. One week I can’t get enough cream cheese wontons from the Chinese place down the road, the next week it’s chips and salsa, the next week it’s salt and vinegar chips, the next week it’s chocolate pudding, the next week I would almost strangle somebody if I couldn’t get some decent Greek food. This week? Spicy chicken sandwiches from Wendy’s. I’ve had about 4 in the last week. As you can imagine, they don’t mix well with heartburn. But I cannot get enough of them.

I still have not felt the baby move, but I am told that sometimes you can tell this early on. I am getting a baby bump though, which is kind of fun. Fun in the sense that now you can tell I am pregnant, not just some crazy hormonal woman. I tell you what isn’t fun… almost fainting in public because your pants are too tight. I learned that while those belly bands are a rather useful little tool, they only go so far. When you get to a certain point, the pants even with the band are still just too tight, and then you almost faint in church. However, I must also say that I LOOOOOOOOVE maternity pants. My maternity jeans are like wearing sweats, but they look like jeans, and it is so easy to go to the bathroom with them on. None of that dealing with zippers or button stuff.

I also had another ultrasound this month. Chris thought the baby looked creepy, so I likely won’t post any pictures (because if the father of the baby thinks it is creepy, imagine what other people would think…). However, it was pretty cool. It is just amazing to watch the baby moving around in there. Around the 15th and 16th week the baby is developing all those bones, so it starts to look more and more like a miniature baby and less like an alien. (Chris thinks it’s a little creepy because it kind of looks like a skeleton, or “Halloween costume” as he says.)

Well, from here on out I will try to keep the Pitts project updated as we move through the new and always exciting stages of pregnancy, each month seeming to bring it’s own challenge. Lord willing, next time I write I should be able to announce the sex of the baby!

Aside from all the crazy, new, interesting changes, pregnancy has been exciting. I can't wait to meet the baby! God is good, and he has blessed us immensely.