Thursday, June 30, 2011


Wow, is it really the last day of June? Where is 2011 going??

I finished up the craziest semester of my life this year, and did not quite successfully get through it all, but I certainly got through most of it. I am so glad that that particular semester is behind me. I am ready to tackle next school year, comprehensive exams, clinics, and everything else that comes my way! God has truly blessed me this year, and I know full well that I would not have made it this year without Him.

I started at the Mayo Clinic on Monday of this week, for Internship #1. It has been quite a journey! I have loved every second of it, and am looking forward to the next 7 weeks. Especially since I won't be commuting anymore starting next week. This week was quite long due to the commute, and I have spent most of the week wiped out. I thought it might be nice to write something on the blog though so at least I can say I made one post this month (even if it is only June for 3 more hours). My roommate sounds like a really sweet girl, and living a mile away from the clinic (instead of 75 miles away from the clinic) will really be nice for my study and sleep schedule. It will be difficult not seeing Chris every night, but I know the two months will go by fast. It's already 1/8th over!

Chris is off to the movies with Dan tonight, and tomorrow starts his last 4-day chunk of working the night-shift - Woohoo! Chris' boss approached him with the opportunity to take the day-shift, which involves working 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. (instead of 5 p.m. to 5 a.m.) for 4 days a week, with 4 days off. I couldn't be more excited. It will be nice to have a more normal sleeping schedule. There are rumors that Mesaba may be gone this fall, and to be honest, Chris and I aren't really sure exactly what that means for us. Will Chris to go Memphis while I stay behind here and finish out my last year of schoolwork before I can join him there on my externship? Will the company actually move? Will Chris be laid off, but be able to focus on school? There are a lot of unknowns, but as time goes on I know we'll have it figured out sooner or later.

After the "May-mester" class was over, I traveled down to Phoenix to see Kara, her new puppy, and was able to even see Andrew before he was off for Supply School. I miss Kara quite terribly, and it was wonderful to be able to spend time with her. Chris and I then traveled to Utah and spent some time with my parents and Meghan. We were able to see Micah when we were out there too! If anybody out there is reading this who does not know Micah, you are missing out on a great friendship. Also, we saw Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella in a production by a local theater; what more could you ask for?

This year has a lot of potential, with a lot of changes and unknowns. I hope to keep this blog better updated over the summer, but we'll see how it goes! Chris and I are looking forward to a crazy, but very blessed year.