Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Here it is, halfway through the Month of May, and I failed to write anything about April at all!!

Well, I will fill you in.

In the beginning of April, I went to Chicago for the AAA Conference (American Academy of Audiology) that my SAA group had worked and fundraised for. We went without paying a dime! The trip was incredible. Day 1 we did a little sight-seeing, and took the classic pictures in front of the bean, before we went to a reception dinner that was "mafia" themed where we played black jack and wore feather boas. The rest of the time was filled with conference sessions and parties... Including a concert with Collective Soul, and another concert with The Blues Brothers (Jim Belushi and Dan Aykroyd). We stood in the VERY FRONT - so close, in fact, that we were pulled up on stage, and Jim Belushi stood on my friend's purse, and his sweat landed on another friend's cell phone :) And so much free stuff. I never needed to buy food... there were cookies, smoothies, Naked juices, power bars, chips, snacks, water bottles, mints, all kinds of things. The sessions were really interesting too. All-in-all, pretty awesome conference. And I am looking forward to next year's in Boston!

I also have found a research position, so I will be working with a professor on a research project. God is good! The news came to me shortly after I quit Caribou, so there has been a bit of a deficit in our budget for a little while but that will be gone with the coming of this job. It's really quite incredible.

Also good news - I got word that I will be going to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN for my internship starting at the end of June! I am thrilled! It's going to be difficult during the week; I will likely be staying down there.. I am worried about leaving Chris and Copper, but 8 weeks will go fast because I'll be working full time and won't have much time to think about other things, I suppose!

I had a monstrous finals week this semester... A final every day Monday through Thursday, and then a week off, and then coming up this Monday I have a Comprehensive exam, covering material going all the way back the Fall 2009! Yikes! It'll be a relief to have that done. Then following the comps exam I have my "Maymester" class - an intensive course that lasts for three weeks. After that is over, Chris and I are planning to head to Utah for a visit and birthday celebration (celebrating my mom's, dad's, and Chris' and my birthday because they are all so close together). I am really looking forward to being in Utah.

It's been a crazy year, and I am so relieved to have that semester over. It was a tough one, and I am happy to have it behind me. It's all downhill from here - two semesters left of classwork (Fall '11 and Spring '12) and then we are off to wherever God wants us for my externship!

I am quite happy that summer is just around the corner. I have missed the sunshine, and it's nice to be able to go on walks with the dog again, and enjoy the time outdoors! We even got Copper a doggy backpack so he can carry his own toys/poop and my keys/cellphone when we go on walks :)

Thanks for reading! I hope to keep this updated much more frequently...