Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Road Tripping!

Now, unfortunately I don't have a lot of pictures of this.. In fact, I have like two. So there won't be anything to look at. But I did a roadtrip from Columbus, Ohio to Apple Valley, Minnesota last weekend! I flew in early to Ohio and spent the afternoon/evening with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. Then I met my mother-in-law that evening, and the next morning we hit the road.

I ate at a Bob Evans for the first time. Right over the Indiana border. Highlight of the trip? Not necessarily. But I had a delicious pot pie. However, as far as the rest of Indiana goes, there isn't really much to say. Saw some wind farms...and that is about it.

Now Chicago, THAT is a cool town. It was exactly like the movies, with people honking for no reason. For example, my mother-in-law was at a light about to turn right, but she was waiting for the pedestrian to cross. The car behind us would have preferred that we run over the pedestrian...because he was honking at us like crazy. We went to dinner at Weber Grill Restaurant, which was delicious. Then we almost got charged $22 for parking for an hour and a half (Welcome to Chicago!) but we ran across the street to Nordstrom's and went shopping so we could get the parking validated :)

Our hotel that night was pretty exciting. We got our room, and as the night went on, there were more and more people in the room next door. The people who got the room were sneaking in their friends, smoking, drinking, etc... Lots of loud, foul language coming from the room that we could hear CRYSTAL clear through the walls... We requested a room change, and slept quite well after that. Well, I slept well. My mother-in-law was worried that our car would be broken into so she did not sleep well.

The next morning we went shopping at Off 5th (Saks 5th Avenue Outlet) which was WAY too much fun. I was surprised at how much I liked that store. I got myself some Minnetonka Mocassins for $22 ;) Then we continued on, and had a hotdog at Portillos (!) before our next shopping trip at the Great Lakes Navy Base. It was kind of cool to be there because my dad was stationed there for bootcamp when he first joined the Navy. Then, we headed north again and said goodbye to the windy city.

Our next step was well into Wisconsin, at an outlet mall. We did some shopping there before eating a quick dinner, and driving on. We went to a cheese store where I bought some official authentic Wisconsin cheese IN WISCONSIN! (It was on my list of things to do before I leave Minnesota) So that was fun. The cheese store was very cute.. I think it was called Ehlenbach's Cheese Chalet (sp?). Something like that. Then we continued on to the Wisconsin Dells where we went outlet mall shopping again. That was our last stop before going home. We almost got mauled by a semi truck who wasn't paying attention, but all in all it was a fun, safe journey home.

And, I think I should plan another trip to Chicago just to go to Portillo's.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


That is what they are dubbing our most recent blizzard from this past weekend... Snowmageddon. It's interesting. Anyway, that blizzard was actually quite awful at times. Glad it is over. But these are some pictures of it...with I had more. I had to literally dig my car out of the parking lot at my work...

In the first pictures, I am cross-country skiing down our street with copper :) There was more than enough snow to ski down our road. The last picture is our family picture this year for Christmas cards!

Happy Halloween!

I know I am a month and a half late, but, better late than never! As I was digging through the closet for Halloween decorations, I found an old pumpkin costume that we had bought the previous year for Gizmo. It was a little bit too big for Giz, but it fit Copper perfectly! He was very sweet about humoring me, and sitting still for pictures, but I took it off after about 10 minutes because he did not seem to enjoy it...