Thursday, September 30, 2010


I can't believe I forgot this in my last post, the yearly update one, but this year Chris and I added to our family! We now have a Shiba Inu puppy, who is mischievous, but adorable. Copper is on Facebook, for those of you who are interested in following him :)

I am going to stick to this!

Sorry all. For the few of you out there who might have followed our blog, you may have noticed that just over a year ago, I decided that I am not very good at blogging and have not updated it since. Well, I think that it's time I update it. This has been one crazy year, but such is life. The day that it's not crazy, I will probably not be breathing anymore.

Chris and I have traveled to two foreign countries (Chris went to 3!) and have made all kinds of crazy decisions about school. In January we went to Ireland, and I'll attach some favorite pictures from there (....umm... if I can figure out how to... :/)

And then in March, Chris accompanied Pastor VerWay for one week out in India. He loved the experience and can't wait to go back there someday! In July, for Chris' birthday, we flew to Japan! It is a 12 hour flight, so literally an entire day was spent traveling, but it was really cool to be immersed in a very foreign culture for a little while. We had only one bad food experience too, which is pretty good considering we were just ordering food based on pictures and not actually knowing what we were getting.

In January, I decided that I wasn't sure Audiology was the right career for me, and I took a break from school. While I wish I hadn't taken a break at all, it was good because it made me sure that I want to be an audiologist. I started school again in the summer, and am currently doing school and clinics, and in about half an hour I am leaving to go to another hearing screening. Right back into the groove! Chris is taking a break from seminary, which I think is a wise thing to do. The work they required was absolutely draining, and with changes in Chris' life, it would've been quite a bit to try to balance. Speaking of changes in Chris' life, one of those was a career change. He still works for Mesaba Airlines, but is now working in a different department which he so far enjoys a lot more than his previous department, because this department is not entirely made up of women like his last department. So, there is less drama, which is a blessing for him.

More to come! I am going to finish working on an assignment for now, but I will keep this updated! I should post some house pictures too...I left the last post with the reader thinking that we never finished remodeling.