Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Home Update!

This is the master bedroom... all of the carpet is torn out, and I am finished priming! :)

This is the ceiling in the second bedroom...the master bedroom ceiling looks the same. We finally got a popcorn sprayer and it is fixed! Now we have the whole ceiling covered with popcorn! Yay!

This is the bathroom - My father-in-law completed the tile job today! It looks awesome. We just have to grout now :)

This is the ceiling above the stairs... it also needed a little bit of popcorn finishing. Also I finished some more priming and taping here today.

This is my father-in-law in the kitchen trying to clean up the mess from today's work...we worked today from 9:30 ish until about 6 was quite the busy day of house work!

This is Chris coming to admire all the work we accomplished today while he was at work :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

House Pictures!!!

This is the master bedroom... currently with the upper half of the toilet and a big ladder that was being used to patch the holes all over...

This is the second bedroom... almost ready for priming. That giant wooden thing on the floor there fell and hit me on the head when I was trying to take it down because the people who put it up did not do the best of jobs securing it to the wall.

This is how our bathroom looks right now... no toilet (that's sitting in the bedroom) and tools all over. Cement board on the floor

These are our lovely stairs. The carpet has been ripped up, which I think actually makes the house look better. The carpet was quite scary...

This is the upstairs looking into the second bedroom and the bathroom...

This is our countertop...full of tools, cleaning supplies, a first aid kit (extremely useful so far) and snacks :)

This is our kitchen. The linoleum is almost all ripped up except for that corner there, the oven is coming on Thursday!!! It's a mess right now...

This is the view right when you walk into our house...we have our bathroom tiles there in the middle, a trashcan lid, new ceiling fan, our refrigerator is out of the kitchen because we had to tear up the kitchen floor...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 12

Good Morning. Today is June 14th, or, the 12th day of our expedition.

For those of you who I have not yet informed, which I realize is probably a lot of people because I have been busy in "destruction" mode, Chris and I have purchased a home!

The purpose of this blog is to post our progress, one day at a time. I'll just do a quick update of the first twelve days up until this point.

Day 1: Switched locks.

Day 2: Scrubbed refrigerator, scrubbed toilet, changed toilet seat, scrubbed scrubbed scrubbed.

Day 3 through Day 12: This is where it gets fuzzy. Between Day 3 and Day 12, we have discovered that the dishwasher actually DOES flood (despite what our "inspector" told us. Ugh.) So, we have torn up the kitchen floor, torn up the bathroom floor, repaired and sanded and re-repaired holes in the wall to prepare to paint, taken down doors, removed wallpaper, taken down poorly-crafted closet fixtures, broken a ceiling fan (I was trying to dust it and the blades just fell off), bought tiles for the bathroom floor, replaced the plumbling and garbage disposal in the kitchen (actually, that was my father-in-law...we aren't that handy). I cannot tell you how gross the old garbage disposal was...and it shook the whole entire kitchen when you ran it. Yikes!

Anyway, I think that's a pretty thorough update. I'll post some pictures later today. See you all then!