Friday, May 25, 2018

Tile Work!

It has been a busy week.

Chris dropped the girls off at my mother-in-law's house on the way home Monday night so that we could finish tiling the guest room. And we got it finished! Lots of cutting, lots of mud, and that room is complete.* We worked for probably 2 1/2 to 3 solid hours and at the end of it, we were both famished. Chris ordered a pizza and while we were waiting for it, I took a shower. At the end of the shower, scraping and scrubbing lots of mortar off, the pizza still wasn't there. I thought I might die. It took over an hour but it finally came. Chris had ordered a side order of buffalo wings as well; I have never in my life tasted buffalo wings, or perhaps even food, as good as those wings were (part of it could be pregnancy, part of it could be working hard for several hours straight through dinner time and wanting to eat...). I also spent some time chalk painting, and wax sealing, the "dead person" dresser that I bought years ago at an estate sale (in hopes of helping Chris have a greater acceptance of it)! It looks much better.

*Complete meaning the tile is down. Grouting to come this weekend, then sealing, and then we'll really be in business.

Last week was Andrew's birthday and below is a picture of him drinking from a perfectly-themed mug while his wife is reading the present I got for him. Those two crack me up.

On Tuesday we had a get-together with some of our CC group. The yearbooks were distributed and the girls were very excited to have their own yearbooks. They turned out really cute! I didn't think to take a picture of them but I can try to remember to do that later... We also got our new curriculum for the school year next year and I am super excited about it! I am excited to be in a tutor role for next year, as well, though it will make for a busy year.  I'm one of those nerds that opened up the curriculum right away and started browsing through it; even though it's only May and I would never wish the summer away, it did make me excited for the upcoming school year!

Tuesday was also the 36th wedding anniversary of my parents! I can't believe they have been married for 36 years! And it is so very exciting that they get to spend this anniversary in the city where they were married. Welcome back to Tucson!

I've also picked up some summer reading from the library. As sometimes happens, the library has all of the books available for pick-up at the same time, so I have about 12 books to get through in two weeks (I'm going to have to go through and see which ones I can extend!). I have finished The Nazi Officer's Wife and In the Heart of the Sea. Both fascinating reads, both I would highly recommend. The first is about a Jewish woman, who ended up doing labor camps and eventually managed to escape and get a new identity as an "aryan" - she ended up marrying a man who became a Nazi officer and the book is all about her experiences being a "U-boat" (what they called Jewish people in disguise under the Nazi regime). The second book is about whaling, and a group of whalers whose boat was sunk by a whale (interestingly, their story is the basis for Moby Dick), and how they drifted at sea for about 80 days or so before being rescued. Just amazing. Next I am going to read In the Garden of Beasts, about an American family living in Germany during Hitler's rise to power, and then Dead Wake, which is about the Lusitania's last crossing (sunk by German U-boats prior to the U.S. entering WWI). Those are the first four! I have more to pick-up by next Tuesday and then lots more reading to do. Keeps my mind active, even when my body is too exhausted to do much.

I've had friends talk before about their kids getting sick in the night and not knowing it (the parents) until the next morning when the child wakes up. I always thought that was crazy - how do the kids not know?! How is that not heard!? But then the same thing happened to me yesterday. It was my day off. Bethany woke up around her usual time, chirping and happy as normal when I went into her room to pick her up. However, I noticed that there was throw up on her bed. EEK. This sends me into full panic mode, every time. She didn't have any on herself, her pajamas, etc... and I'm not sure when or why it happened last night because I wasn't woken up (though Chris did said he heard some stirring at some point from her room in the middle of the night). Well, I gave her a bath, got the sheets washing, and was going to delay feeding her but she was so hungry she was sneaking food, anything she could find, so to be able to appease her a bit I gave her some applesauce. And in another hour I gave her more applesauce. She was perfectly herself and happy and had a normal appetite all day, so I have no idea what happened. It has been hot out so maybe she had overheated Wednesday, or maybe she just choked on a little spit in the night and it made her gag a bit, who knows. But I am so grateful to God that she, and the rest of the girls, are all okay.

On to the weekend!

Anna reading the Good Husband guide

Covered in mortar, my 12 week pregnant picture!

Mom and Dad's wedding picture

My first set of books for summer reading

Bethy getting in the pool with her hat and makeshift mittens

Bethany got herself  "all dressed" for the outside

Monday, May 21, 2018

Guest Room

It was a beautiful spring weekend. We kicked it off Friday evening by having our small group over for dinner. I made a fabulous orange chicken, which is very close to the Panda Express recipe but slightly different, and borrowed my in-laws deep fryer so it was even less messy than it was the last time I made it. Matt and Danielle brought some lo mein noodles from a local Chinese restaurant (with vegetables, so we felt better about dinner!) and Curt and Katie brought an ice cream cake. It was a lovely way to start out the weekend.

This weekend we really started to hammer out the remaining work in the guest room. Chris put the second coat of paint on the walls earlier in the week, and Eric and Erica came over Saturday afternoon to help lay down tile. With the four of us working, it went really fast. We have over half of the room done already, and Chris spent some time yesterday between church services getting the tile for the closet completely cut. Now it's just finishing the last third of the room, cuts along the wall and into the doorway will probably be the most painful part, and putting the mud underneath the tiles in the closet.

In other exciting news, I received my first "I'm 30!" birthday present from Erica - she picked out a cactus fabric and her mom sewed an apron for me - it's basically the most amazing apron I've ever seen - but then she had extra fabric so she made 3 little aprons fro the girls. I love it. Bethany got upset with me when I tried to take it off of her.

I feel like I mostly spent time eating this weekend. That's what baby wants, I suppose, but Sunday was a really rough day. I have been fortunate to have perhaps only a handful of these days, where from morning to evening, I am feeling "off." I woke up this morning to an answered prayer of a nice "reset" and am feeling better. We hit the 12 week mark this week - looking forward to another doctor appointment on the 29th and hearing a heartbeat!

I am working through a great Philippians Bible Study with some ladies from my church. We found it on the Love God Greatly blog/website, which is a great organization of ladies who work together for the mission of Christ from all over the globe. The study book (found on Amazon for around $4) has a great Hungarian recipe and a picture of sisters in Christ in Hungary who are doing this study. It is so encouraging to think of believers around the globe, working together. Here is a link to the Love God Greatly website - and if you click on "Bible Studies" you'll see the wide range of topics they have available. We did an 8-week study on Psalm 119 two summers again that I truly loved. These are great especially for some short summer studies - find a group and get together for a few weeks!

They spent Friday at the Fuller's house - these are some park time pictures!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Late Spring Day

Late Spring in Minnesota is probably Minnesota at it's finest. There are not hordes of mosquitoes or other bugs yet, and the flowers are all blooming. There are lilac bushes everywhere here, and they are all in full bloom. The air outside smells like beautiful, blooming lilacs. I absolutely love it. God's creativity and desire for beauty is on full display. I perhaps love it more than others because I am very blessed not to have seasonal allergies; given the amount of pollen around this could be a painful time of year for many.

I also love that we get to spend pretty much all day outside. That's what we do on the days that I'm home. We hang out in our yard, maybe walk around the zoo. It is wonderful being outdoors so much.

Yesterday was one of those hang out in the yard beautiful days. 80 degree weather, sunny, brilliant. The girls love to play on the playset. I always double up on the sunscreen for Bethany. I spent most of the morning pulling weeds while the girls played, and when I pulled a weed and found an earthworm in the ground Sophia and Heidi would both come running to get the worm.  Some parts of our yard have beautiful, deep, earthworm-rich soil, and we discovered from one of our neighbors that there used to be an apple tree in one corner of the yard, which explains why the ground is so nice. Typically Minnesota has a lot of yellow clay soil, but we seem to be pretty free of that.

The afternoon was full of getting the house ready for us to move into the guest room. I cleaned up all the plastic we had taped for painting, and started to chalk paint the dresser in that room. Chalk paint is harder than I thought it would be. From what I am seeing on the internet, I need to 'let it go' - my perfectionism, etc. I keep expecting it to go on like regular paint but it is just doing to be different and I have to accept that.

My poor Heidi had one of those "no good very bad days." I shouldn't exaggerate, it was overall very good, but she kept having little incidents. For example, she managed to run into her bike when it was stuck on something and she got a big scrape and bleeding on her tummy. She also saw several bees (fortunately was not stung) but she is so jumpy after being stung a couple of times last year. And, she ended up getting sunscreen sprayed in her eye. Then she got stuck on the other side of the fence where we keep the raspberries and couldn't get out, and managed to get dirt in her eye so she was stuck and in pain. Lots of little oddities. She does love riding her bike and practiced "trick riding" today (see some pictures).

However, after a delicious dinner and bath, the girls requested s'mores for dessert. We made them in the microwave because we didn't have enough to burn in our little firepit. Heidi could not recall ever having one before and she wasn't sure what it was, but after seeing it and trying it I think it is safe to say it will probably become a favorite. Of course, I made the mistake of giving her the s'more after bath... not one of my brighter ideas. She did love the s'more, though.

Heidi "trick riding" her "horse"

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Mother's Day Weekend

Saturday night we had Sophia's birthday party. We had the Carpenter family over, as well as Oma and Papa. We had some pulled pork, asian chopped salad, and pineapple (Moana themed!). Sophia's favorite part was her chocolate cake. We got it at Costco and the decoration is a rainbow-colored lei. Her other favorite part was the pinata. Pinatas are such an easy win! Hard to believe this baby girl is 6! Sometimes it is scary to think about; we are 1/3 of the way through the period of time that we will be the most influential in her life. At 18, she may choose to leave the nest, for college, or whatever, and after having already been through 6 years, 12 more years doesn't really seem that long!

For whatever reason, Chris and I were up and just not feeling well Saturday night into Sunday. We were both up in bed with stomach aches, me with pregnancy nausea on top of it, so on Mother's Day Sunday we were both rather exhausted. However, my day started out with a beautiful home-made paper fan and card from Sophia. And poor Heidi was so upset in the morning because she couldn't find paper to make me a fan, too! I love the Mother's Day Sunday service because they have moms make music requests, and the girls both made me beautiful flower crafts. My friend Katie also gifted me a teether for new baby (pictured below) and I'm madly in love with it (anything cactus - yes please!). Chris got me a Chick-Fil-A gift card, which was just perfect!

You'll also see below a picture of a lime. I have been putting these on the fridge every week when my app turns over to a new week and there is a new fruit comparing the size of the baby. Baby Pitts is now about two inches long, or the size of a lime. Amazing! I know I have been through this before, but it feels so different, perhaps because of the great gift of the forgetfulness that God gives during pregnancy. I am so hungry during this pregnancy. I don't remember ever being this hungry, ever. I have had basically a bottomless pit for a stomach. Today is especially bad, but I think it is because I exercised on a bike yesterday and then took the girls to the zoo, so I'm making up for all the calories burned. I've really been feeling okay as long as I am eating. Pretty much all of the time. I don't like to eat most vegetables, but I'm doing really well with eating some meats (mostly chicken).  There have been several times I have made dinner, or sides, and then haven't been able to stomach what I've made (for example, last night I made sweet potato fries and when it came time to eat dinner, I just couldn't stand to have them on my plate). Hard to believe it's at the 11 week mark already - first trimester done soon! 1/3 of the way down! 

Sophia and Heidi are eager to welcome a new sibling (what they believe is a sister!) - they both spend time talking to my belly, and telling me they are going to hug the baby goodnight. Sophia loves to see the progress especially, and Heidi gets excited to look at the fridge and is disappointed every time the fruit hasn't changed yet!

Aunt Meghan got Sophia a McDonald's gift card for her birthday and she asked if she could use it yesterday for dinner. I agreed, so we drove to McDonald's and she got a cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, fries, and a strawberry-banana smoothie. She loved being able to pick out her own dinner. I noticed, however, that when she asked for a cheeseburger she said, "cheeseburger." This made me a little bit sad. Up until very recently she always said "cheesebooger." I guess she is growing up! 

Yesterday we had a bit of a surprise in the morning - the pipe leading up from the sump pump had become disconnected at an elbow in our laundry room and had sent water spraying all over the place and flooding the floor. I am so grateful that we have redone the floor in that room to be tile and not carpet. Chris stayed home from work (bless him) and got it all cleaned up. He also finished painting the former-guest-and-soon-to-be-our bedroom downstairs, so now we have tile work to do! Let the real work begin this weekend. 

I told Heidi to change in pajamas and she came out of her bedroom wearing the Arsenal flag. "Look, Mom! I'm in pajamas! *giggle giggle giggle*" 

Big ol' turkey hanging out right next to the picnic tables at the zoo where we were eating lunch

Sophia impersonating the Turkey

Bethany was really amused with feeding the goats

Fun on a walk with Mrs. VerWay

Love the hammy grin in Bethany